Heavy Voter Turnout Reported in Pat-Med

Locals cite the economy as the main issue influencing their vote.

Despite the damage and hardship from Hurricane Sandy, the threat of a pending Nor'easter and the long gas lines, poll workers Tuesday said voters are making their way to the polls today even if it means walking a few miles.

"We've had a great turnout so far today," said a poll worker at Oregon Middle School. "Several voters have come in from other districts because their location wasn't open. One couple walked here from two miles away. We're trying to help everyone out while keeping a strict eye on things so that people aren't voting more than once." 

Rachel Blanche, originally from Trinidad, voted for the first time with this election.

"My main concerns are for the taxes, the economy in general and healthcare services. I came to this country for better opportunities and it feels more like an exchange [of location] than a better chance," Blanche said. "I feel that taxes should be income-based. There should be more work opportunities. There should be more transparency and communication."

Maureen Hernandez said that her main concern this election cycle is for the economy and its impact on the future.

"I'm definitely concerned about the economy and for the future of our children," she said. "There aren't enough job opportunities for the kids. My son is a college graduate and can only find part-time work."

Poll workers reported more than 600 voters each at Oregon Middle School and Saxton Middle School by noon. The polling location at Knights of Columbus reported close to 400 voters; more than 20 percent of the registered voters expected for that district.

Stay with Patch for election coverage through day and as the results roll in tonight. 


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