Reader Feedback: Mark Lesko's Resignation

Patch readers discuss the Brookhaven Town Supervisor's exit.

Brookhaven Town Supervisor Mark Lesko announced Wednesday that .

In Thursday's , Patch readers throughout the Brookhaven Town area have been discussing the news. Below are the comments and feel free to add to the discussion in the comments below.

He ran for office and people elected him to fulfill a "term" position. Whats wrong here is his lack of commitment, sense of responsibility, and ethics. A true politician who is only concerned about himself and lacks the dedication to represent his constituents. 
He states he's done with politics "for now" In my eyes it should be forever. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. I goth that one right President Bush

His budget is due in September. How will this affect taxes, services to constituents and the employees of Brookhaven Town? A very scary time for employees...

I agree somewhat with Craig. You totally screwed the people who supported you, contributed to your cause and the workers who carried your petitions, made countless phone calls and went door to door on your behalf. They spent their time and energy because they believed you were the man for the job. In return you bailed out mid-term when something better came up. As a campaign worker I feel screwed (once again). 
Mark, go with sarah palin, make your millions and leave us alone.

A political and difficult economic enviroment make it tuff for someone with integrity 
to suceed. Hope to see someone with as much courage in the future. He was a pleasure to follow.

I'm really sorry to see him go. Perhaps the local political shenanigans are just too dirty for an honest person to stomach.

Integrity would be fulfilling your promises to your consituents, the people who trusted you and casted their vote for you. Courage would be finishing what you started regardless of how "tuff" the environment is. Do you work for the Town?

I feel the most important philosophical form of integrity, is to be a "person" of integrity. Commitments to his constituents may have clashed with political conditions that undermined his personal integrity. This above all, to thine own self be true.

Something sure does stink here. When it finally leaks out, I bet it's going to be big. I mean who in their right mind abruptly walks away from the head of a municipality of 500,000 with a $175,000,000 budget?

To take a post overseeing a business database? Accelerate Long Island was randomly looking for an Executive Director on it's website. The post is actually still up, so you can see for yourself:http://www.longislandassociation.org/accelerate-long-island.cfm

If I were some kind of conspiracy theorist, I would almost suspect that this was done to push Bishop's "pay-to-play" scandal off the front page. What a shame, Bishop is probably going to lose his congressional seat for a measly $5,000 and a little fireworks show. If that's not a lesson in why a politician needs to be beyond reproach, then I don't know what is.


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