Reader Feedback: Should LIPA be Privatized?

A look at what our readers have to say on the hot topic.

On Tuesday, we posted news on our Facebook page of the findings of the Moreland Commission. The commission was empaneled by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the wake of what many perceived as the massive failure of LIPA to be prepared for the devestating damage wreaked by Hurricane Sandy.

The Moreland Commission has recommended that LIPA be shut and replaced with a private company. We asked our Facebook followers to voice their opinions on the matter. Here are some samples of those opinions (add your own thoughts on the topic in the comments section below this article):

Ken Maguire: Didn't we try this with LILCO? Just another scheme to make us all feel better about paying more than any other electric consumers in the country.

John Yeamans: I'm sure the state will cater to every corporate interest group, insurance industry and politician who gets involved, so you can be sure we the people will have rates go through the roof when this happens. Let's not be foolish the state doesn't manage itself too well now does it? They are about to rob NYers and capitalize on public opinion to no ones benefit but the 1 percent. 

Joe Legakis: First and foremost, LIPA is here to provide Long Island with reliable, safe, and affordable electric. If they cannot do that, change is in order. Do I believe it should be shut? Absolutely not. Fix the issues from the top down.

Sean Brown: NY government will NEVER fix a problem. They continue to use the Obama regime's example of blame someone else and throw our money at the problem and see what happens.

Ed Rant: I think it shouldn't be a monopoly a little competition should keep them in check.

Ben Vitale January 10, 2013 at 06:40 PM
Fix LIPA, don't shut it down. Privatize, is not the answer. As usual privatizing will enslave us. Repeatedly fire management, until someone materializes that can fix this broken utility.
Christopher La Jara January 10, 2013 at 08:36 PM
That's funny.... I think that might work... - Chris La Jara
Concerned January 11, 2013 at 12:25 PM
Privatize no, Fix- Yes. Every company no matter good nor bad has it's problems, so fix what you can and continually try to improve. The State cannot manage our own government, never-mind trying to running a utility. Cuomo was a master deflecting his own mistakes during Sandy, constantly targeting LIPA during every news conference.
Al Lofaso January 12, 2013 at 10:53 PM
First you have to get the politicians out. Then the Nimby groups have to be ignored and told to shut up. Then when private money wants to invest and update the systems and control the unions, Like putting Lines underground, Not under trees. Building Power plants that are sorely needed. Then we will see Improvements.


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