Reports: Patchogue Man Charged With Disability Fraud

Donald Alevas was reportedly arrested for a false disability claim, which could also be applicable to hundreds of other retired LIRR workers.

A 53-year-old Patchogue man was arrested Friday for reportedly committing disability fraud, reports Newsday and NBC New York.

Alevas, a retired Long Island Rail Road director of shop equipment, engineering and environmental complicance, is reportedly the 22nd defendent charged in an alleged scheme where LIRR workers claimed disability upon retirement in order to collect both benefits from the federal Railroad Retirement Board in addition to the LIRR pension. Prosecutors say there could possibly be as many as 1,500 LIRR retirees suspected of lying to get benefits.

Alevas was released on bail without entering a plea in the federal court in Manhattan, reports Newsday.

An existing immunity deal was also reportedly extended until Sept. 14, which would give LIRR retirees the chance to admit to lying, keep both their LIRR pension and some disability benefits they have already received, in return for giving up any future payments.

The Newsday report also says that within the amnesty deal, those that signed up by July 6 are able to keep all of their past benefits, and those that wait until the final deadline of October 15 will forfeit half.

Sources: Newsday (subscription), NBC New York


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