Suffolk Notebook: Foley Home Sale in Limbo

Brookhaven town denies zoning change, though county executive says he's looking at other options.

Following news this week that the Town of Brookhaven's zoning board of appeals blocked the permit needed to sell the county nursing home to a private operator, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone pledged to react quickly.

According to Newsday, Brookhaven hasn't explained why it denied the zoning change for the John J. Foley Skilled Nursing Facility in Yaphank. Bellone said the county could either challenge the town's decision or perhaps close the 264-bed nursing home altogether.

Suffolk Legislators voted in September 2012 to sell the nursing home to private nursing home operators Sam and Israel Sherman for $23 million, a move that would save the county about $30 million when factoring in the nursing home's $10 million annual loss with the sale price. The Shermans run 13 nursing homes in the state.

Since the county is exempt from town zoning rules it did not have to petition Brookhaven for a zone change while it ran the facility. But the new owners would need the zoning changed.

"This is a completely political decision that will cost taxpayers a million dollars a month if it's allowed to stand," Bellone told Newsday.

Selling Dennison?

Suffolk County is thinking about selling the H. Lee Dennison building in Hauppauge and then leasing it back for 15 years, Long Island Business News reported this week.

The county could sell the building to The Judicial Facilities Agency, an agency created to carry out these kinds of sale-and-leasebacks. The move could net the county an extra $70 million towards trimming its $300 million budget deficit.

Read the story (subscription required).

lara buscatelli January 27, 2013 at 03:45 PM
Totally agree with you. Why should one private entity profit from something county taxpayers have been paying for. This zoning change would have set bad precedent for other private entities and then what happens to that community and their way of life. Good work Brookhaven Zoning Board. Integrity, finally.
Preliator January 27, 2013 at 05:09 PM
Another sure sign that Suffolk is headed down the tubes. Sell a building then lease it back to cook the books; brilliant. They should rename this place Crook Island, much more fitting.
James Partlow January 28, 2013 at 01:54 PM
Its always been Crookhaven going all the way back to the 40s.
Regina January 29, 2013 at 04:05 PM
I'm glad to read that people want the nursing home to stay. I happen to be one of the relatives of a resident in John J Foley. I visit my family member four to five days a week. I see and have seen so much. There are so many great people that work there. Starting with the wonderful nurses all way to the activities people. This place has helped my family member so much since arriving there two years ago. The care is top notch. They do a lot for the residents of John J Foley such as outings BBQ in the summer and entertainment. This has been one of the best places that I checked out when researching place for my family member to go. Where do you plan on putting all these people. Some of these residents have been here since the beginning. Do any of you care that up rooting them could be harmful to them. Especially if they get confused or get moved around there health can go down hill all because you want to close this place. I hope that no one in your family ever has to go through what you are putting these residents, nursing and families through. Stop and think about it if you spent the income that you were getting form the patients correctly and wisely then maybe it wouldn't be in a hole. Maybe you shouldn't have paid that person so much money that you put there to help close the place. I knew he was a big phony just by his FAKE SMILE. that's right Mr Big shot I had your number from day one. KEEP JOHN J FOLEY OPEN!
patch January 30, 2013 at 12:07 AM
I think its time long island give up on santa claus, it does not exist, the gig is up, we lost and are in permante serfdom


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