Talk Back: Parking Meters in Patchogue Village?

Early discussions are happening about bringing possible parking meters to Patchogue Village. How would you want to see them?

At the most recent Patchogue Village Board of Trustees meeting, it was announced that early talks to explore possibly bringing parking meters to Patchogue Village have begun.

During , Patchogue Village Mayor Paul Pontieri said it is being explored in order to help facilitate Patchogue Village's need for more parking with its future growth.

"The reason for the parking meters is that it is apparent that within the next several years, with the growth of the downtown we are going to need additional parking," Pontieri said. "It is not something that should be borne by the commercial district and/or the residential community."

Pontieri also cited nearby Villages such as Babylon, Port Jefferson, Amityville, Rockville Centre who bring in $300,000-$400,000 which could go toward adding more parking to Patchogue Village.

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Pontieri also said the parking meters would be set up mainly to monetize parking from out-of-Village residents coming for evening entertainment and to avoid conflicting with retail.

"A couple of the ideas that are being discussed in terms of parking meters are for residents to park for free, that the hours be from 5pm-2am, so as not to hurt the retail businesses, and to set up a process where employees of the retail and restaurants would be able to purchase parking passes," Pontieri said.

Pricing ideas were not discussed, but Pontieri said that he felt a person coming to the Village for entertainment purposes would be willing to pay $3-4 extra dollars to park.

What do you think of the idea though? Do you support this possibile initiative to help bring in more parking? Or do you have a different idea? Talk about it in the Poll and Comments section below.

John Bogack May 10, 2012 at 04:43 PM
I find myself in agreement with Mr. Kemp on this issue. The village needs parking, parking meters will motivate people to keep track of their cars and add money to the village treasury perhaps enough to buy land from private owners on Church street. The Village BID estimates nearly two hundred spaces could be created by buying up three boarding homes on Church street and all that parking would be walking distance to main street. And just to add this fact into the mix in a few months the former Patchogue Manor is going to re-open as the "Emporium". It will be a resturant, bowling alley (small), dance space, bar, catering hall. It's occupancy is going to be a little bit more than 1000 persons. One thouand persons yes indeed. Parking for those customers will be coming mostly from existing parking in and around this Railroad avenue just off main street located business. And of course to come over the next few years: New Village, a new medical arts complex off South Street and the filling up of the Riverwalk housing development that is just getting off the ground. Hundreds more, maybe thousands more people are going to be pouring into the west side of the village main street. Parking: we need it, lots of it and I don't see anyway out of paying for it , unless as someone has already suggested, somebody does come along and decides that they should privately invest in parking and manage a parking tower, garage, field, whatever because they could make money from doing so.
Lee May 10, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Hi John, I'm referring back to the Carnegie Library comment and would like to ask if you know who owns the old Brookhaven Town Hall building now? ...And John, I don't like the idea of parking meters, so now there are two things that I beg to differ with you about. I want you to be my favorite Patch commentator, but we can't keep disagreeing about "stuff". Only kidding, if in a few years time, it turns out that the apartments and the parking meters are a huge success, and I hope that they are, I will take you out to dinner to celebrate your "I told you so" victory!!
joan senator May 10, 2012 at 09:24 PM
John, In reference to your statement that more people would be coming from Riverwalk and New Village to downtown Patchogue, I thought the whole purpose of these developments would be that they are part of a walkable village plan. I know Riverwalk is providing parking for its residents, and I assume that New Village would be required by Patchogue Village to do the same. So they already have a place to park.
John Bogack May 10, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Lee, don't know if anyone yet has bought the old townhall building all I know is that was there was a business group interested in buying the site and that they were going to tour the building with Trustee Crean. I think it is too early to know anything. And otherwise, it's OK to disagee. Joan: yes those developments are going to have their own parking but I doubt it will be enough. And with parking now at a premium the tipping point for congestion will be reached pretty quickly I think. No one really like the idea of meters but I am not sure that there is an effective alternative and time is running out. I saw in today's LI Advance that Tritec will be taking the parking lot for construction needs that the brick house brewery now uses for a lot of their customers who drive there with cars. Again more cars are going to be dispersed into an area with limited parking. I suspect hiking shoes are going to be pretty popular club wear this summer if this keeps up.
dan welsch December 04, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Meters are a bad idea. Create a tax of some kind to get the money for new parking lots or elevated parking. Meters annoy people and will steer they to shop or eat elsewhere. The installation itself is disruptive.


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