VIDEO: Feb. 11 Patchogue Village Board Meeting

If you couldn't make it to Village Hall, watch this video of the full meeting.

The video above of the Feb. 11 Patchogue Village Board meeting was filmed and produced by David Kennedy as part of an ongoing effort by the Citizens Campaign for Open Village Government to inform residents about the policies and practices of their village government.

Patch Stories From This Village Board Meeting:

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John Bogack February 19, 2013 at 08:05 PM
This video is one of series of videos that have been filmed over the past few months by volunteers belonging to the Citizens Campaign for Open Village Government. The organization is made of a group of Patchogue Village residents. This is a rather short video. Mayor Pontieri not present as he was out of state on a conference. Deputy Mayor Krieger presided at this meeting. There is a time bar embedded in the clip. It can be moved to access discrete points in the larger clip. Of interest are the following approximate time points: 4:26 discussion and resolution of the Rose Ave street parking concerns at 10:35 a report from Trustee Keyes about post Nemo snow removal. At 16:50 discussion about the Great South Bay Music festival. The organizers owe the village money while at the same time a new five year contract is being sought. At 19:50 Trustee Ferb reports on housing and code activities over the past few months. He also schedules a public hearing that seeks to place on defendants in housing violation cases the burden of proving the size of their families in those cases where the number of persons in a home is at issue. 22:58 another public hearing is scheduled on the issue of over riding the 2 percent tax cap for the next budget. At about 25 minutes the public is heard: issues are possible discount for flood insurance, road repair planning, sidewalk snow removal and several other issues as well. It's a short meeting but it is packed with some important information.


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