VIDEO: Jan. 14 Patchogue Village Board Meeting

If you couldn't make it to Village Hall Monday, watch this video of the full meeting.

The video above of Monday's Patchogue Village Board meeting was filmed and produced by Greg Powers as part of an ongoing effort by the Citizens Campaign for Open Village Government to inform residents about the policies and practices of their village government.

John Bogack January 21, 2013 at 04:42 PM
Good news Snoop! No one is asking you to pay for anything. My appeal was directed to the Latino community and I guess if you are not part of it you would not have to chip in unless you wanted to. But thanks for your thoughts. They were very eye opening. Very timely for MLK day too. If I was a member of the Latino community your comments are the type that would remind me why a contribution is needed.
Patchogue Snoop February 08, 2013 at 01:57 PM
You are right John...no one is asking me to pay for anything. All levels of government demand that I pay for these programs through my taxes. If I don't, I go to jail. Now we have political hacks demanding we give illegals free college education, great! I pay an incredible amount of taxes each year and get ZERO college aid for my kids, yet our government insists on giving criminals a free ride on my dime. Rewarding bad behavior seems to be the order of the day in this country. But if you are an American citizen you are taken to the cleaners by these same hacks. Your Liberal attitude is very evident and your jab about MLK day is a typical liberal tactic of accusing someone of being something they are not to perpetuate your misguided agenda. What does MLK day have to do with this topic? You just inserted that to make me out to be a demon which falls right into your liberal tactics of the day...accuse anyone who disagrees with our immigration policies of being a racist. Good try. If they cant speak english that is their problem, learn the language. I pay for that too, through my appalling Libray taxes. Free ESL clinics. Use them! Want me to translate that for you? Oh, that's right we do billingual library program notices, which I pay for too.
John Bogack February 08, 2013 at 03:25 PM
PSnoop. My comments about you not having to pay for anything were limited to not asking you to pay for having videos of village board meetings offered with a translation for spanish speaking residents of the village. I referred to MLK day because your comments appeared in the Patch on that date. As for my liberal bias I think what is happening here is typical of our society these days. Disagreeement is demonized. You accuse me of liberal bias without giving any thought to your bias which I guess some might say was conservative bias. Actually, and now I hope you are sitting down when you read this...I agree with a lot of what you say. I do not believe that any person should be in this country illegally. My mother was an immigrant but she fortunately entered this country legally and became an American citizen in time. The problem for our country is that we have an estimated 11 million illegal people in this country and I would suspect that is underreporting. That amount of people if deported overnight would make us something like Nazi Germany deporting unwanted people from its borders if done all at once in some mass tragedy that would forever stain our country. But I do think we must find a way out because like you I do think every person who lives in the US ought be a citizen or legal resident. It's a scandal that we have not found a workable solution to date. One day I hope we can find one consistent with the values of the USA our country that we both love.
David Kennedy February 08, 2013 at 05:27 PM
Expecting our elected representatives to provide full disclosure and access is not a "cause" but a requirement as far as I see it. Personally, I question what the cost for the Village to provide taped meetings really is? It's nice to say, "it cost to much," sounds like your fighting for the taxpayer, right?...but when the fact is the village has never done a cost analysis for this, that statement really means..."I'd rather the public be as uninformed as possible." If residents can accept paying for vehicles and gas for officials, I'd hope the residents would support having these same officials be as proactive in providing public awareness as possible too.
David Kennedy February 08, 2013 at 05:43 PM
Wow! This topic went to an interesting place...but this discussion is a micro look at a macro problem...the great divide in our national debates. For me one of the reasons is we are always so quick to "label" those who think differently. Why? The fact is the large majority is neither liberal or conservative on any pure sense, nor Republican or Democrat in any active sense. Individually we are a wonderful mix of both, each persons views separate and distinct from the next, that rises above any labels. And why it is so necessary we enter these very important discussions with respect and interest in opposing views. And without supporting either view provide above, I do hope Patchogue Snoop, you can recognize you express yourself with anger, while John responds with thought, reason and respect. We all need to do our part to turn down the volume and debate these issues as a conversation and not a shouting match if we are going to expect any meaningful solutions.


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