Village Approves Proposed Budget; Discusses Incomes, Expenses

Average household to pay increase around $56 in Patchogue Village.

Despite voting for the the state-imposed two-percent tax cap, the Patchogue Village Board of Trustees unanimously approved a budget that featured a 1.13 percent increase on the tax levy on Tuesday at .

Village treasurer Ronald Krawczyk said that the budget will lead to about a $56 increase per household that lives in Patchogue Village.

Due to a $600,000 decline in the Village's assessed valuation from the previous year, the tax rate itself increased by 3.9 percent said Krawczyk.

Krawczyk also said that no Village employee will be receiving any salary increases, and that several department requests for new vehicles among other requests have been denied in order to save money.

Some residents that attended said during public comment that they hope the Village will look at even more ways to cut.

Resident Mary Kassner said at the meeting that its important to determine what is needed versus what is wanted.

Kassner asked about lines in the budget such as the contract for $592,000, which is the half that Patchogue Village covers with the Town of Brookhaven covering the other half.

Trustee William Hilton mentioned that there are currently discussions with the Company to have them start charging health insurance companies for responding to calls.

Also discussed were lines that included the costs of maintaining and the holiday parades among other events held in the Village.

Hilton said that the Village is starting to charge organizations for events such as these to cover the cost of Village code enforcement.

Other challenges that this budget faces is the start of Patchogue Village covering snow removal instead of being reimbursed by Brookhaven Town , which is estimated to cost $200,000, Krawczyk said.

Also brought up is the subject of tax abatements, which trustee Tom Ferb said has to do with the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (IDA).

"It's a County agency that gives tax abatements to places that build things like , Briarcliffe, and they last 10 to 15 years," Ferb said. "We have no say in it, it's just dicatated to us by the IDA."

Ferb also said that this preferential treatment is expiring in the 2013 tax season for , and as a result the Village is going to start receiving $100,000 a year in funds that have not been previously received.

Krawczyk also said the Village is looking into getting new health insurance companies in hopes to save additional money.

Another potential income source are the homes in the Clare Rose project, which Krawczyk said could bring $1,000,000 back in taxes to the Village if 20 properties are sold in the next year.

The full budget can be read in the attached PDF.

What are your thoughts on the 2012-2013 Patchogue Village budget? Tell us in the comments below.

Michael Sorrentino April 20, 2012 at 12:27 PM
Mary: I just checked my audio recording and that is what it picked up from what you said at the meeting, but I'm updating the post since you just clarified what you meant. Thanks for checking in.
Dennis Barone April 20, 2012 at 12:53 PM
In this economy where a good number of home owners in the village are underwater on their mortages it is a shame that the taxes went up. I propose that ALL village residents grieve their taxes and stop Pontieri from taking our money. Maybe he needs the money to pay for gas. Who knows
Jon Thomas April 20, 2012 at 01:47 PM
So the village will hit us for 4% and the school district says 3 to 5%. All these taxing authorities are cumulative. What are we getting for another $500 a year? This year I intend to grieve my taxes to hold the village accountable and vote no to hold the school district accountable. The village has more than enough in reserve to cover any losses through mass grievance and the school district just got another million from the state. In that case they can’t by law raise our taxes, but the new money should keep the services the same. If none of our elected officials wish to help us we have to do what we can to hold them accountable.
feduponbay April 21, 2012 at 12:47 AM
good luck with that..
Patchogue Snoop April 30, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Good one Dennis! I cant wait to retire and blow this hole! Pontieri rewards his buddies with: Tax Abaterments, Sewer hookups to serve their overly dense developement that would never be approved by SCDOH without sewers....check out CONDO ROW by public works yard...., spot zoning so they can BS us then build 400 rental units, sweetheart parking variences(or lack of.... simply ignored by Pontieri and gang) check out Lindy Taxis all over, west main st(Capozzi's empire-Pontieri Pal) traffic death trap and parking nighmare! Not one single parking space for Tinas snack bar and lumber yard/hardware store. Cars parked in street in front of residents houses. Uhauls all along Main Street.


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