Village DPW Creates Pothole Task Force

Residents still encouraged to report potholes directly to Patchogue Village Hall.

Potholes at the intersection of North Ocean Avenue and Roe Boulevard in Patchogue. Photo Credit: Michael Sorrentino
Potholes at the intersection of North Ocean Avenue and Roe Boulevard in Patchogue. Photo Credit: Michael Sorrentino
Due to the increased number of potholes this winter season, Patchogue Village's Department of Public Works is stepping up their game to repair them.

Trustee Joseph Keyes told Patch Tuesday that the department has created a pothole task force for the purpose of identifying and repairing the condition of roads in a more timely manner.

Keyes said that residents are still encouraged to report potholes by calling Village Hall at 631-475-4300 and follow the voice prompts to the department.

What roads in the Patchogue Village area have you found potholes? Post them in the comments below.
Patchogue Snoop January 15, 2014 at 09:44 AM
Oh, as a PE I can tell you these potholes are the result of long term neglect. The roads they paved lately....dead ends and roads in the BID benefiting the barkeeps and such. Not to mention crack sealing over dirt and weeds in the parking lots. Hey Mayor did you at least get Trictec to pave Lake St in front apartment city????
Patchogue Snoop January 15, 2014 at 09:45 AM
Bet not!
Patchogue Snoop January 19, 2014 at 10:54 AM
Anyone see any Village trucks fising potholes??? Nice weather the past few days to do so, but in my neighborhood the roads can no longer be simply patched due to such long term neglect. Another kick in the teeth to the resident taxpayers by the PP gang and Joe Dean. Time to consider reducing our taxes and eliminate this waste of another layer of government picking our pockets. Why are we paying nearly double for garbage pickup as Brookhaven residents for half the pick ups??? Why just see who the garbage men are connected to and how much they make....60k plus full bennies plus full pension plus 18 holidays plus uniforms plus eyecare plus dental. Did yo ever see one of these jobs advertised as is required by the law......and don't bother looking they don't exist. This is PPs private pool of patronage jobs for what in return??? Identical twins serving as garbage men....really... I guess that is just coincidence that they were the best qualified individuals for the positions???? Yeah right! Before the vultures swoop down, this is fact. Check it our before you start hurling your insults.
Rollo Tomasi January 19, 2014 at 01:49 PM
Sooo...I see that an attempt was made to fill some potholes...Vernon off of 112...unacceptable job with missed hokes by manhole covers and the ones that were filled were just mounded blacktop making the ride just as bad...unbelievable.
Patchogue Snoop January 22, 2014 at 09:16 AM
It is apparent this is nothing but crap again from the Village. Twice this has been posted. Not a pothole repaired since!! I can say that the Village taxpayer is facing staggering tax increases down to repair our roads due to the incompetent Superintendent ex Village trustee thrown out by voters(ex maintenance man). No he is double dipping to the tune of 100k+OT. Patronage appointment that will greatly affect safety and expose the Village taxpayer to lawsuits not to mention millions in borrowing! Chief PP is skating out on this leaving a mess for the taxpayer. What ever happened to our marina(parking given over to connect Lombardi? What about finishing repairs to the long rotten L Dock(Mascot). How about charging the marina owners for the land they stole form the Village and built docks on. The Village owns most of the River bottom. With a wink and a nod he made his buddies rich allowing them to do this. No leases no rent, just a free boat slip for some.


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