Village Inspector On Napa Collapse: It Was Scary

Rider Avenue between Main Street and Terry Street will remain closed Friday during building's demolition.

The abandoned Napa Auto Parts building in Patchogue is in the process of being demolished after its Tuesday morning roof collapse from the conditions of last weekend's winter storm.

Patchogue Village Senior Building Inspector Peter Sarich told Patch Thursday that an emergency demolition was necessary due to the building's condition.

"When the snow caused the collapse, the roof trusses came crashing down to the floor and it pushed out the east wall," Sarich said.

Sarich said that this wall was facing Rider Avenue.

"We had to close Rider Avenue and Main Street for a time until someone dealt with that problem," Sarich said.

Sarich said he issued the owners of the building an emergency permit in order to demolish the area where the wall was bulging out.

That section has been completed and the remainder of the building is not in imminent danger of collapse, Sarich said. An asbestos survey next needs to be performed on it, he said. The owners have filed an asbestos work permit with the New York State Department of Labor, and once that is issued they can use it to remove any possible asbestos found in the building. Upon that removal, the rest of the building can be demolished.

Sarich estimates that the process might take a week.

Sarich said that had the building been left alone, it absolutely would of collapsed entirely on its own.

"It was very scary when you were up close to it, and it got worse as the day went on," Sarich said regarding the building's condition Tuesday.

Sarich advises that residents avoid the area. For business owners he advises those who have flat roofs or bow truss roofs to check if there is snow on the roof, and to check roof drains to make sure water is drained as these incidents are common during the winter.

Sarich said that Rider Avenue between Main Street and Terry Street is going to be closed Friday but will be open during the weekend. The road may close again next week as part of the demolition process.

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Michael A Evans LMT February 15, 2013 at 06:51 PM
Scary, I was just looking at a real estate lease listing for that building not too long ago and pondering if it would meet my needs. Imagine if I'd have taken it!
Richard Kemp February 18, 2013 at 08:05 PM
It's a shame that the buildings roof was damaged many years ago when a masonry wall fell on it from construction to the immediate west. Probally a small leak was left that ultimately rotted the wood away. At any rate I hope when they rebuild they make better use of the back side of the building-Close to Free Parking....


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