Village to Repair Local Roads

Pavement repairs may start by the end of the summer.

A new pavement management system to repair Patchogue Village roads may begin as soon as the end of the summer.

Joseph Dean, Superintendent of Public Works, spoke at a recent Village Board of Trustees meeting regarding pavement management and repairs to residential roadways.

“Pavement management is where you take a look at all of the roads, inventory and analyze them, then decide pavement treatment options. We have done that and have now set up a preliminary five year schedule that we hope to implement soon,” Dean said.

Patchogue Village Trustee Joseph Keyes is looking forward to beginning the project.

"We have an organized outlook on things now. It makes economic sense too [for the community]. Generally speaking about the past, say there were some bad spots on Bay Avenue. They would come and do the whole street but it would absorb so much money that you can't do a whole lot of other streets. So, what this program does is analyze the streets and focus just on the sections of the whole street that need repair while extending the life of the entire roadway," Keyes said.

Along with the schedule, Dean submitted a recommended list of roadways that would be eligible for immediate repair. The list will be reviewed and finalized by the Board; repairs could begin by the end of the summer.

Michael F. Lamendola January 17, 2013 at 09:05 PM
I live at 13 North Ridge Street the road is so uneven you bottom out if you drive more than 10 mph. It's ok for the kids playing in the street,but not for cars.


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