Voter Turnout Low Says Poll Worker, Residents Still Adjusting to Machines

Polling locations remain open through 9 p.m. Check back to Patch for live results.

Voter turnout to some Patchogue and Medford area polling locations was reported lower than usual according to pollworkers.

As of 11 a.m. Tuesday, South Ocean Middle School reported less than 100 voters, and Tremont Elementary School each reported an estimated 240 voters and Oregon Middle School reported an estimated 270 voters.

Pollworkers are anticipating a massive turnout for next year's presidential election and are already prepping for more staff and assistance.

Meanwhile some residents in Patchogue and Medford are still adjusting to the new ballot system, which debuted in the 2010 elections to .

"It takes some getting used to. I like the old machines," said George Hoag, who voted at Saxton Middle School.

Resident Karen Ferb, who voted at South Ocean Middle School, said that staff at the polling locations help to prevent voting issues with the newer system.

"I've used the new ballot system before but the first time that you [vote], it's a little weird,” said resident Karen Ferb who voted at South Ocean Middle School. “There are people there though to help you so it's not a problem."

On Patchogue Patch's Facebook page, a number of local residents also complained about the paper ballot system now in use. Some perfer the old voting machines, others worried about privacy of the new system while others felt using paper was a waste of resources.

While voters would not disclose who they voted for, they did discuss what issues were important to them.

Karen Ferb says that holding the line on taxes and creating more jobs for Suffolk County are the two main issues that she would like to see changed.

Polling locations will remain open until 9 p.m. Visit this website to find your local polling location. Check back to Patch at 8 p.m. for our Election Day Live Blog and for live results.  Patch's Election 2011 Page can also be found here.

Leroy Lewin November 08, 2011 at 08:24 PM
The new system lacks total privacy. In Jamesport there is no privacy envelope and when you enter the results in the tabulating machine, everyone standing nearby can see exactly how you voted.


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