Your Election Day Predictions; Let’s Hear Them

Let us know who you think will win seats in county and town elections this November.

We’d love to hear your predictions for who’s going to win some open seats and town and county government on Nov. 5.

The Suffolk County Legislature posts some strong races, with Jay Schneiderman getting a strong challenge from Christopher Nuzzi in the 2nd District. William J. Lindsay battles to keep his father’s former seat against challenger Anthony Musumeci in District 8.

Meanwhile, In Brookhaven Edward Romaine will look to maintain his town supervisor role against Vivian Viloria-Fisher. And of course the Highway Superintendent’s race is up for grabs once again as Lori Baldassare attempts to unseat incumbent Dan Losquadro.

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Patchogue Snoop October 27, 2013 at 06:54 AM
Who ever wins will make oodles of promises and do nothing when in office other than pay back the folks who put them in place by voting in a block for the candidate the union approves and extorts for the highest raises and contract bennies. In our area it is usually the public sector unions(teachers, police) that control who gets elected and who will reward them with outrageous salaries and contacts/raises that the taxpayer, who has been struggling without raises in over the past five years(Obama economy), to pay. It is very easy, follow the campaign contributions! Here in Patch Village it is too easy! Just look at who is getting favorable zoning decisions to build condo towns and absurd apartment complexes!!!! Oops, almost forgot....the bar keeps who seem to own the building department and our mayor and getting free passes to build night clubs in parking lots, over occupy them and blast music all summer detroying the quality of life for residents. Just so a very few merchants can line their pockets. Mr DA where are you? As above, you promise and brag about breaking up government corruption. How about coming to our Village!!!


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