Walmart twists advertising stats just like they want town to do with zoning!

Walmart proposes to build a 98,000 sq/ft building on the corner of Hospital Rd & Sunrise Hwy. There are multiple issues with this site. Mainly, it is not zoned for this kind of business and it will endanger the community! 

Just a few of the many problems: emergency access to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital will be compromised, huge increase of traffic on a small bridge, storm water run off to shallow aquifers- where our drinking water is from, BIG BOX in residential area, twisting the law for a zoning variance to build parking spaces, Local businesses will

be heavily impacted. Walmart's advertising is a GROSS manipulation of statistics stating E. Patchogue residents welcome this project. Seniors, children, renters, business owners, commuters, homeowners , tax payers & wildlife BEWARE!   

Brookhaven Town Hall meeting Monday May 19th at 4:00pm will determine if this dangerous project goes forward. 

Come out Monday night and protect our community! CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO:  EPWalmartfree@aol.com

M. B. May 20, 2014 at 05:43 PM
Great turn out last night. Any large store at that location would be tragic. I mean that literally. The quiet residential neighborhood would be ruined forever. We'd see an increase in car accidents, crime, and of course many ambulances will not be able to transport their patients within a lifesaving time span. I will gladly lay down on the ground if they arrive with their shovels & bulldozers, as one young woman said. I fully expect Wal-Mart to find a more suitable location. If not, I will be leaving the home that I've lived in for over 25 years.
Patchogue May 20, 2014 at 08:04 PM
Walmart does not belong there. Unbelievable.


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