Bay Students Become Pilgrims, Recite Poems

Elementary school students present their work at Board of Education meeting.

Students from dressed up as pilgrims and recited poems at Monday's Board of Education meeting in South Ocean Middle School.

Centered around the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, kindergartners from Lisa Maher's class dressed up as pilgrims. The students sang songs, recited a poem and shared with the audience facts that they had learned about the holiday.

Second graders from Andrea Handler's class recited essays that they wrote about a person who inspires them to do their best. The students' inspiration came from their teachers, family members and even an author.

"I am so proud of what [the students] did. They were adorable," Bay Principal Rui Mendes said. "I saw it in the classroom and I have to tell you - they are better on stage than we are. They have no fear."

Superintendent Michael Locantore was happy that the students shown off what they are learning.

"I think it's important that the community knows what's going on in the buildings and see kids doing academics," Locantore said. "[The presentations are] a fun reminder of what we always knew about the children and to showcase and educate them as best as possible."


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