Pat-Med School Budget, Propositions Pass

O'Brien, Rignola, LaVelle win BOE seats.

The proposed $162 million 2012-13 school budget passed Tuesday with a vote of 1988-1402.

Anthony O’Brien, Christine Rignola and William LaVelle officially won the three open Board of Education seats in the unopposed elections.

LaVelle’s write-in opponent, Anthony Russo, received only 469 votes to LaVelle’s 1399.

Also passing was proposition 2, 1730-1145, which will change future Board of Education elections to an “at large” format where the top vote getters will get spots instead of specific seat challenges.

Proposition 3 passed 1756-1137 to allow previously approved funds to be used toward capital projects.

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jon May 16, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Disgusted: Paul Percorale's stunt to stack the board with puppets and dummies backfired. I hope that teachers' union dues were not used for political advertising. Maybe the IRS should investigate who paid for the ad in the advance because it could determine that teachers' union dues are no longer deductible. I am surprised that the teachers believe that Percorale has any creditability left to negotiate a new teachers' contract. I hope the board tells them to go pound salt. As long as the teachers continue to elect union officials that are out of touch with reality and stoop to slimeball tactics, the community will never take them seriously. Why is the Union so afraid of Mr. LaVelle that it cannot confront him directly? Why is the Union unable to convince a candidate to run against LaVelle fair and square? Perhaps many of his ideas are valid and the union just has no tolerence of someone who calls it the way he sees it. Do the teachers even know that LaVelle's push to refinance the construction bonds, and revamp the transportation system and contract, saved millions of dollars? Said savings resulted in less teachers losing their jobs and subsequently teaching positions being restored. Mr. LaVelle saved more teachers' jobs than the Union did. In fact the union leadership was afraid to have a member rank and file vote on the BOE's offer to save every teaching position. Just some fuel for thought. Future board meetings should at least now be interesting.
squander n. blunderbush May 16, 2012 at 05:44 PM
As a lifetime Patchogue resident, whose parents were educated at what was then Patchogue High School on South Ocean Avenue, I wrote in Anthony Russo's name, because he, rather than LaVelle, voted to keep the jewel of the village open. It just makes sense to avoid having ANOTHER empty municipal building on South Ocean, since the Town Hall is now becoming a derelict relic. If you, Jon, can't understand why folks in South Patchogue, where there are only three schools left, don't want to give up still more property...perhaps you are not thinking hard enough.
THE SOCIAL WORKER May 16, 2012 at 06:55 PM
NYSUT has you by the short hairs. Give us tuition tax vouchers please!
AlbertShankerFan May 16, 2012 at 07:18 PM
I find Jon, and the likes of him, to be angry, cowardly men. They appear to have an awful lot of free time (during their workday?) to spew their slanderous accusations, anonymously, from behind a computer. Hmmm? Bill LaVelle won and made a truly classless display of his true character for all to witness. Had I been one to vote for him, I would have instantly regretted voting for a bully. The only thing worse than a bully, is one with a Napolean complex. Why hasn't the Patch reported on Mr. LaVelle's shameful behavior? Is the editor fearful of the angry, little man? I wonder? Furthermore, LaVelle supporters continue to spew his rhetoric instead of seeking to learn what the Union fears, feared and believes. I believe Mr. LaVelle's BoE colleagues need to demand his immediate resignation. His temper tantrum and bully behavior should not be what is permitted to represent or define this community's Board of Education. However, at this very moment it is what represents the Board of Ed.
Jon Thomas May 16, 2012 at 07:47 PM
Squander, an appropriate name. What is being squandered is the education of the next generation for your vanity and that of the previous generation you mentions.Squandering the chance for an effective education is the worst thing an adult can do to a child. You got yours please let the children get theirs. The union has through their actions said they want to preserve high salaries and are willing to tear apart a district to achieve that. Last year they refused a pay freeze and 60 teachers were let go. As a result class sizes are in the mid thirties and programs choices have been cut and are at an all time low. The children suffer and we now sit at the bottom of the achievement ladder for all Long Island.
Jon Thomas May 16, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Mr. LaVelle should be applauded for attempting to tackle those issues. The only way to do that is through an infusion of cash to the district or through a reduction in costs. The school closures you rail against would have done that, allowing more teachers to either reduce class size or increase offering. Mr. Pecorale sold you a false bill of goods because he did not wish to higher the lower aid teachers necessary to achieve this. Instead he doubled down on maintaining the high pay of his senior teachers. In fact I understand he even refused to allow the teachers to vote, last year, on the preservation of job through a pay freeze. Through his red herring of school closure he got you to squander your vote, in an attempt to remove a trustee who will keep trying to lower class size and restore opportunity for the kids. The difference this time is the PMCT knows all other avenues have been exhausted and the only answer is their lucrative contracts. Outside the teachers voting, those using the write process became the unwitting accomplices of the union unabashed take over attempt.
Jimmy Waxweather May 16, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Last year Obama gave $500,000,000.00 to SIGA Technologies to fight a disease that was eradicated in 1978/79 and is no longer a threat! How many millions were given to Fanny and Freddy and were not paid back? How many millions in bonuses did their execs get on top of the bail out money? How many millions did Solyndra get to run it's failing operation? These were pay offs to big campaign donors and fund raisers like Ron Perelman of SIGA Technologies ....... imagine if those dollars went towards education? Then maybe our property taxes would stop growing year after year!
squander n. blunderbush May 17, 2012 at 12:58 PM
I pay ever-increasing taxes, though I have no children currently in the district. My children enjoyed a good education, and I am quite willing to pay to allow the children of my community to count on the same. Squander N. Blunderbush, my full name, reminds me always of the lack of support of the previous Federal Executive-in-chief, when he blundered into two unnecessary wars and squandered our children's future. I should think that you, Jon Thomas, would remember those atrocities. As a taxpayer, I demand that we have solid school buildings, and solid teaching staff. Patchogue Village should not be orphaned when it comes to neighborhood schools.
squander n. blunderbush May 17, 2012 at 01:02 PM
PS..since you, Jon Thomas, do not like my name, I suggest you google yours and find out what it really means! (check out Monty Python)
pat medford May 17, 2012 at 03:20 PM
jon thomas.....as someone who seems to be a concerned citizen, maybe you should take the time to get the facts before passing judgments.... I have read numerous comments from you on several patch articles and I have to say as a parent of children in the district and someone who is very involved in the district, I will tell you that some of your statements are just plain false. If you had attended a march 5th Budget meeting and heard all the facts that were presented you would realize that closing schools to save 1 million dollars in a 68 million dollar budget made absolutely NO SENSE. The over all effect on our schools, children and families would have been disastrous. And the hundreds of people that attended that meeting can attest to that as well. The only two people in the room who thought it was a good idea was Mr Lavelle and Mr Houdek. And please don't try and say it is because they are trying to increase opportunity for the students...that was dis-proven the night of March 5th. In spite of what some people would like you to believe,these buildings are not vacant half empty classroom filled hallways.Of the buildings I am in on a regular basis, I do not believe have one empty unused classroom. Continued on next comment.....
pat medford May 17, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Then there were comments that were made about Mrs. Rignola. Though I do not know her personally, I have done my homework and can tell you she is not a contractual teacher for this district . She has been a sub here for several years and knows the district very well. I highly doubt that she would be someone that the union would want to use to "stack" the board as you state.She had already run for the BOE last year and lost by a very narrow margin. I do not think she or her supporters appreciate your defamation of her character. And in case yo do not know, Mr LaVelle is one of two trustees named in a federal lawsuit which I am sure is going to cost the district a huge amount of money. Whom was he looking out for when his actions prompted this litigation? Not the people of Patchogue -Medford. Want to know more, just google his name and Patchogue Medford. Mr LaVelle's behavior at the end of the evening just proves why there was such a community movement to get Anthony Russo back on the BOE instead of him. He has been verbally abusive to parents at board meeting , he is out of touch with what the majority of people in this community want and it is just very unfortunate that there was no one officially on the ballot to run against him. Which was why the Friends of Anthony Russo movement started in the first place.
Fred Stewart May 17, 2012 at 04:16 PM
i thought this thread was about the pat med school board?!?!


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