Photos: Oregon Students in Seussical, Jr.

Oregon Middle School performed Seussical, Jr. for their all-school musical.

Oregon Middle School performed Seussical, Jr., a musical based on the works of author Dr. Seuss, as this year's all-school musical on Thursday to Saturday. Directed by teacher Dr. Victor Montemurro, this light-hearted show held four sold-out performances.

Check out the to see the production photos.

  • The Cast:
  • Alexandria Barlowe (Bird Girl #1), Francesca Barlowe (Bird Girl #2), Alexandria Blunck (Mrs. Mayor), Kaycie Broderick (Judge Yertle the Turtle), Sarah Burke (The Cat in the Hat/Dance Captain), Joseph Cabrera (Eldest Wickersham Brother), Braden Elkins (Wickersham Twin Brother #1), Kaely Elkins (Sour Kangaroo), Rory Elkins (Wickersham Twin Brother #2), Julianne Ferrelli (Gertrude McFuzz), Kaitlyn Herrmann (The Grinch), Alexis Hillman (Mayzie LaBird), Alanah Ivans (Who Grandma #3), Alyssa Kaufmann (Who Grandma #4), Nora Keefe (Who Grandma #1), Casey Lovetere (Vlad Vladikoff), Stephanie Miolla (Thing Two), David Morales (Third Wickersham Brother), Jessica Muse (Thing One/Dance Captain), Madeline O'Shaughnessy (JoJo), Sarah Ohlhorst (Who Grandma #5), Gia Pina (Little Bird Girl #1), Mykalea Reilly (Cindy Lou Who), Alexandra Ruiz (Young Kangaroo), Nicole Selg (Little Bird Girl #2), Kyle Sweezy (Horton the Elephant), Brian Tully (Second Wickersham Brother), Alexa Valentin (Little Bird Girl #3), Gerald Windus (The Mayor of Whoville), Amanda Wolff (Who Grandma #2), Cassandra Zanzotta (Bird Girl #3)
  • Ensemble:
  • Danielle Alleyne, Nicole Amato, Dayna Ambrosio, Michelle Arnold, Kaitlyn Baldeo, Alyssa Bergman, Alexis Bushman, Kellie Cave, Olivia Cocozza, Charleen Colon, Victoria Cossack, Abbie Culotta, Christina Delgado, Lauren DeRamo, Celena Digilio, Emily Ferrari, Toni Foster, Megan Gallagher, Hailey Guerrasio, Madison Hall, Megan Hall, Morgan Hall, Jared Hamer, Emily Heiser, Karen Hernandez, Kaitlyn Herrmann, Gabrielle Herskowitz, Alexis Hillman, Leanne Isabelle, Alanah Ivans, Alyssa Kaufmann, Nora Keefe, Jennifer Knecht, Samantha Lool, Casey Lovetere, Elizabeth Marge, Samantha Matthews, Nicole Miller, Meagan Mulholland, Rachel Murphy, Nicolette Nason, Taryn Norman, Sarah Ohlhorst, Sarah Poopert, Samantha Rossi, Nicole Selg, Hannah Smith, Kerryann Sosa, Christina Thalasitis, Danielle Varone, Omariah Wilkes, Amanda Wolff, Sarah Wrobel
  • Student Production Staff:
  • Jenna Adragan (Props), Justine Arena (Spotlight), Preston Bradley (Set Design/Painting), Katie Breslin (Set Design/Painting), Morgan Brown (Props), Sarah Burke (Set Painting), Joseph Cabrera (Set Painting), Victoria Cossack (Set Painting), Jessica D'Andrea (Set Design/Costumes), Hayley Dallojacono (Set Design/Painting), Dezirae Danziger (Asst. Stage Manager), Briana Flora (Set Painting), Deanna Gubitosi (Curtains), Kaitlyn Herrmann (Set Painting), Gessica Johns (Set Painting/Costumes), Nora Keefe (Asst. Stage Manager), Brianna Lawrence (Student Producer), Victoria Lawrence (Costumes), Emily Marge (Stage Manager), Samantha Matthews (Props), Taylor Mileski (Set Painting), Meagan Mojica (Props), David Morales (Set Painting), Kyle Murphy (Spotlight), Charlotte Newman (Set Painting/Costumes), Madeline O'Shaugnessy (Set Painting), Brittany Parrella (Props), Erik Rios (Asst. Stage Manager/Set Painting), Shannon Rosati (Curtains), Alexandra Ruiz (Set Painting), Emily Steele (Spotlight Director), Stephanie Timpe (Spotlight), Christopher Tosques (Lighting Director), John White (Lighting), Amanda Wolff (Asst. Stage Manager)
  • Adult Production Staff:
  • Dr. Victor Montemurro (Director/Technical Director), Andrew Bacon (Producer/Assistant Director), Alexandria V. Belinsky (Vocal and Music Director), Laura Pronti (Artistic Director/Assistant Director/Costumes), Pam Ghigliotti (Choreographer), Ray Knoedl (Sound), Michael Gugliotti (Lighting), Jay Cave (Set Construction), Mike Hamer (Set Construction), Fathers' Club (Set Construction), Ivette Calvin (Tickets and Program), Jean Ferrilli (Make-up and Hair), Christine Hillman (Make-up and Hair), Nancy Kaufmann (Make-up and Hair), Kim Miolla (Make-up and Hair), Anne Robertazzi (Make-up and Hair), Liz Valentin (Make-up and Hair)
Pavi Largo March 22, 2012 at 09:16 PM
This was great kiddy but Good
Luigi largo March 23, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Vlad was the most coolest


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