Photos: Saxton Students in Beauty & the Beast

Saxton Middle School performed Disney's "Beauty & the Beast"

Beauty and the Beast, Saxton Middle School's annual all-school musical, had two performances. The show was directed and produced by teachers William Jacobs and Patrick Volkommer. Musical arrangements and soundtrack were arranged by Volkommer.

Check the for the production photos.

  • The Cast: 
  • Isabella Albergo (Plate/Wolf), Dani Alt (Chip), Darriell Black (Wardrobe), Maxim Barem (Villager), Mikaela Breiten (Silly Girl), Nicole Burch (Villager/Napkin), Alexa Cangro (Villager), Gabriela Carannante (Plate), Justin Conklin (Prince/Beast), Jen Covais (Babbette), Ava De Feo (Villager), Vincent Donnadio (Lumiere), Sean Dunne (Villager), Brianna Feliciano (Napkin), Cassie Friedman (Mrs. Potts), Mike Heilig (Maurice), Trace Hoffmann (Plate), Samantha Hughes (Silly Girl), Adrianna Kremer (Plate), Erica Larsen (Villager), Danielle Madara (Villager), Taylor Manes (Narrator), Mark Manning (Lefou), Aidan Martinez (Beast/Prince), Ivan Martinez (Villager/Fork), Antoinette Mavrotheris (Napkin/Wolf), Olivia Medrano (Villager), Kiera Osiecki (Villager), Riley Reh (Villager), Victoria Ringle (Villager/Fork), Brandon Rocklein (D'Arque), Nicolette Roppelt (Napkin), Anthony Salerno (Gaston), Amanda Salvatore (Villager/Knife), Autumn Santiago (Villager), Sarah Sheldrick (Silly Girl), Brianna Sloup (Villager), Haley Stone (Villager), Samantha Stressler (Belle), Shannon Torre (Cogsworth), Rebecca Violandi (Villager/Spoon), William Wallace (Book Seller)
  • The Crew:
  • Kassidy Albanese*, Taylor Bailey*, Matthew Baldwin*, Marcos Benitez, Jacqueline Braile (Props), Stephanie Byrnes (Props), Delaney Cone (Props), Justin Conklin, Vincent Donaddio*, Courtney Doscher, Cassie Friedman*, Michael Heilig, Athanasia Kafentzis (Props), Samantha Lopez, Mark Manning*, Aidan Martinez, Julia Merckling, Kaitlyn Moran, Tara Mulligan, Jasmine Munoz (Props), Amanda Salvatore*, Alex Signorelli*, Rebecca Stastny*, Samantha Stressler*, Shannon Torre*, Cindy Zhang (Props); Ms. Fonte (Ticket Advisor), Ms. Mason (Props Advisor), Ms. McGrath (Lobby Showcase)
  • *Denotes the Vacation Crew


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