River Elementary Students Give Media Presentations at BOE

Students use Eno board to show movie and music clips as part of their educational lectures.

Second and fifth grade students from gave media presentations on their studies at Monday night's Board of Education meeting at South Ocean Middle School.

Select second grade students from Sandra Valens' class gave a powerpoint presentation on their class pet, a dwarf hamster named Mr. Whiskers. The students used an Eno board to describe the animal behavior of dwarf hamsters as well as show pictures and movies of their pet. 

Students from Evan Moston's fifth grade class used an Eno board to give a presentation on the history and significance of Veteran's Day. Patriotic music played while the students provided informational facts.

River Elementary School Principal Dr. Tania Dalley was extremely proud of how the students did and the hard work that they put into the projects.

“I was excited when the students wanted to do something using the technology - incorporating movie clips, incorporating music clips," Daley said. "Our students are digital natives. This is the generation that we’re in, where they need to use the technology, because it helps keep them engaged and motivated to learn.”

Superintendent Michael Locantore loved the presentations.

"Whenever I see kids perform in any way it lights my life up," Locantore said.


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