Why Homes are Selling in Patchogue

I use to write a column out east called "Estate of Mind" on real estate, Lol, mostly during the darkest days of the real estate free fall. Every week I was assigned to take some raw data and find some positive news. I would interview the leaders of the real estate industry in the Hamptons who would say over and over this is the time to buy. It was tough to write, but I did get paid to do my job. Now that I live in East Patchogue I ride my yellow road bike around and I am smiling because I see an old sign reappearing on every block. It reads, "SOLD." Yes homes are selling, so one must ask why? Here are my ideas.
1- They are priced to be sold, meaning not too many are putting down Hamptons prices for Patchogue homes anymore.
2- The area seems to be attracting a new younger community of buyers who can afford to live here all year round, unlike out east where that's just not the case.
3- There is a new diversified ethnic dynamic at work, meaning a new hard working, money earning class is evolving who work and now live in the surrounding area.
4- Lastly... the beauty of the area, with it's parks, access to the Great South Bay and Fire island's beaches as well as, quaint streets and a vibrant downdown, which is a result of 1-3 above. Now I am not in real estate nor is my wife, children or as far as I know neighbors so this is what I truly believe. Comment if you agree or disagree!

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T.J. Clemente August 09, 2013 at 11:42 AM
Thank you for reading Patchogue patch and commenting....I hope you are wrong as I hope you do to, after all who wants their home town to become a "hell hole," hopefully it will not . I hope we can agree on that.
Archie Bunker August 09, 2013 at 12:01 PM
I purchased a house in East Patchogue last April. I can give some insight as to why I purchased here and not elsewhere. I have worked at a small business in the Village and had the advantage of my co-workers help in my search who all live in Patchogue – both in and out of the Village. At my budget which was 275K or less, it’s hard to find anything decent shape east of 112 on the Island. Property taxes are decently affordable – in the 7-8k range. I refused to buy a home located within the Village because it wound up costing an extra $2,000 in property taxes and felt I got little to nothing in return. I also would not purchase in the area around Main Street and the LIRR tracks because it’s all rentals and mainly illegals. When people think of Patchogue in a bad light, this is the picture they envision. My search consisted of the Patchogue-Medford area and Ronkonkoma. As a first-time homebuyer, this area offered very affordable housing in the mid 200,000 area where I felt I got the biggest bang for my buck. We do not have kids and do not plan to so the area school districts have little to no influence on my choice. If I had kids, this would not be an area I would look due to Pat-Mad and South Country. I purchased in a development right off 101 which offered privacy without the overdevelopment of a strip mall on every corner but the convenience of both Bellport and Patchogue Villages for dinging and nightlife, 112 and the Gateway for shopping, etc. And I was not purchasing in Mastic or Shirley. My development has sewer and underground utilities which I consider a HUGE plus. We never lost power during Sandy. I live within the convenience of Sunrise and the LIE. As a native of the area, I have seen the Village turn around and experience a renaissance of sorts in the past few years. The theater is a big plus for me. All the negativity from the several commenters I see about the village and the politics is quite disheartening and I have come to the conclusion we have several malcontents that will never be happy regardless of the outcome. I work across the street from the Tritec project – I am glad to see the Sweezy eyesore cleaned up. And it will be a lot of new people living here soon which will be a great plus for all the local businesses. Overall I am happy with my choice and plan to live here in Patchogue for many years to come.
T.J. Clemente August 09, 2013 at 12:06 PM
Chris K...."Right on," Thanks for reading Patchogue Patch
Bill Morris August 09, 2013 at 12:41 PM
Chris you are absolutely right about the malcontents. I have lived here for my whole life and many of the same ppl who complain to me in person are the same ppl who have always complained. The village was once in sad shape, with few vacant stores, vagrants etc. Now that things have turned around, they seem to consider the new patrons to be vagrants. I can tell you that my wife, daughter and I patronize the village daily. I have even tasted from a "gin mill." I guess we are ruining property values. Oh yeah, they are also ignoring the improvements with regard to property values and sales. Mind boggling.
Bill Morris August 09, 2013 at 12:47 PM
Of course I meant many vacant stores.
concerned wife and mother August 09, 2013 at 12:56 PM
Chris, I notice you work in the village..... But wouldn't consider buying a home here in Patchogue..... How the area has changed in the past 20 years is astounding..... 20 years ago, there were few empty stores.... Fewer illegal rentals..... Here I am at the same home on what my neighbors & I refer to as pick on me street. I'd live for someone to explain to those of us who live in a 3 block radius from 4 corners how OUR community.... Where we LIVE 24/7/365 has been improved! What I see is my neighbors and I being under a microscope to bring our HOMES up to certain standards, while wondering when the village will decide if they will be seizing our homes for eminent domain projects .... And I wonder what and when this idea of this assisted living project on the site of Roe park will bring! I wonder exactly the REAL effect the tritec project will have upon OUR COMMUNITY I did the arithmetic, and they are very short on parking allowances, after all in this day and age to be able to afford the anticipated rents/mortgages these units will bring requires 2 incomes.... Which means 2 vehicles each. It's claimed the schools will be unaffected but how can any one figure that out? Unless its a 55 and over no children allowed environment! People many times do not plan to have children and end up with triplets! Add that to all if the other assorted building of bulk housing built in the past 10 years such as the artists eyesore in terry street, the greatly needed adult community on south icean & acadamy, the huge 3 story complex across the street between south ocean & railroad ave by the dept if labor, the rose buildings, those across eat from the rise buildings.... I'd like to know.... Where us it that the youth of OUR VILLAGE COMMUNITY have to do anything productive & physical? There is more to life than reading a book in a library, or sit and play video games! I recently had relatives out.... They asked me how much my mortgage was (just under $200,000) the current value of my home.... Recent appraisal? $210,000 due to the unknown impact of these building structure , Which puts me under water.... Or at most back to $0 after 20 years of being here, turning a former problem rooming house into a single family home..... There are 4-5 left in my corner of "pick on me street" that have STOPPED doing anything to our homes because the assumption is the village will figure out that they need out property to increase the public parking lots for people that aren't the community... That come to town for alive after five, or to the theater, or other temporary events..... But the powers that be forget that the majority if time it's us THE LOCALS, that keep Patchogue going.... We are the ones that shopping Tuesdays in October, or raising money for the local PYAA.... And deal with the drunk & disorderly behavior of those that temporarily decide to visit Patchogue. I suppose if the Patchogue village board would decide & stick to one vision of what Patchogue will be, it'd be a successful endeavor... And it'd be easy to adjust to... But in the past 20 years... It's gone from increasing the business district, then it was to increase the "artistic community" , now it's to increase the amount of housing available! Is a small area that currently looks and feels like Williamsburg Brooklyn!
T.J. Clemente August 09, 2013 at 01:14 PM
People everywhere in every town want things the way they were years ago, hell i like to be the way i was 20 years ago, but the point here is Patchogue is fighting the "rusting" trend of many smalls towns nationwide due to a shift in the nature of jobs, what they pay and how that relates to a new world of growing costs. Can things be better, of course, but Patchogue is addressing moving forward post the 20th century. I applaud this, some nearby towns are not. Chris I am 60, am i glad the way all things are going, No, but I am hopeful that this area thrives and doesn't collapse like Detroit.
Archie Bunker August 09, 2013 at 01:21 PM
@concerned wife - I don't agree with you at all. You should move - you are clearly unhappy. To say the village was much "better" 20 years ago says it all, I won't engage in your alarmist negativity. Lastly, I didn't buy in the village due to the cost of property taxes - very simple. I can either pay 7 to 8k in taxes for a modest home in patchogue or pay 9 or 10K for that same home in the village just to go on Mascot dock for free or have my road paved quicker?
Bill Morris August 09, 2013 at 01:43 PM
20 years ago Gerard St., Pearl St., S. Ocean, Cedar Ave., etc. were filled with illegal multifamily, decay ridden homes and garages. Yes; people lived in unfinished garages and used backyards as latrines. Other than the wonderful Old Olive Tree which still reigns, there was George's restaurant for seniors that closed at 6pm "after dinner" - and that was about it for dining. The now wonderful Patchogue Beach Club, was a deteriorated pool. The lace mill was a literal death trap for hobos. The library was a quasi homeless shelter. There was a fatal shooting at Tippins Tavern. I was approached by panhandlers, drug dealers or panderers practically every time I went for a walk. Take this from someone who has consistently walked and patronized this village. Then again, you could get "free" fancy gift wrapping for a $60 polo shirt at our flagship dept store. Boy; I miss the good old days.
John Bogack August 09, 2013 at 05:03 PM
I have a home in Patchogue Village and I am glad that I do. Yet I have concerns about the future of the village which I do not think makes me or anyone else who feels that way a malcontent. My main concern is how the revitalization of the village is evolving but not so much that there may be bars, or clubs or an assisted living facility. You only have to walk down main street to see how night life has returned and the village is thriving. My concern is more local, more my street. Each of these big developments, the rise and expansion of river front clubs for example have put pressures on the daily lives of local residents: traffic, noise, a lessening of neighborhood just to cite a few issues. My grievance such as it is is both simple and complicated: I think the village is just too one sided in this process. Noise laws are hard to enforce, the village has in fact one of the highest decibel levels on long island maybe the higest level but village officials will not budge not even to consider even small changes to lower them. Village resources are squandered often in favor of large businessess: the whole area around Mascot dock has now become subordinated to one business just like my neighborhood has as well. There are many other examples of this to be found. The one thing I would like to see is some balance of interests. Yes let us move ahead and keep building but let us not forget that all this building is not just to make a few people rich it is to make everyone in the village better off. My principal wealth is my home. I think the village could do more to raise its value and the value of all homes in the village. Our Mayor and elected officials should put the same efforts that they have put into large developments into something closer to home: better roads everywhere, safer driving on village streets, lower taxes so that people do not say I can not afford that extra couple of thousand dollars just for better garbage pickup and decide not to buy in Patchogue Village. My only solution is the hardest one of all it turns out: I am one person who believes that in a democracy the goverment must speak for all. However that is not an automatic process. People must get involved and represent themselves just as they did when this country was founded. Apathy is not a solution. Involvement, consistent involvement is a solution and without it I am afraid that Patchogue Village will become something like Pottersville pictured in the movie "Its a Wonderful Life"...a honky tonk village that lost its soul. The rich own it, the poor work for peanuts but have no other choices, not an American dream but an American nightmare. That is not something I want to see which is why to whatever extent that I can I do speak up and press for fairness. Let the rich be rich but not at my expense. I say that for myself and everyone else who is in the same ball park so to speak a new 21st century silent majority that needs to find its voice and when it does then I truly believe this village will become a better place not measured just in new store fronts selling ice cream or beer. I know this kind of change is not going to happen tomorrow but it will if people do not give up on their own homes and lives and give in to apathy. If we truly are a village we can find a way that makes this right for all of us and not just some.
concerned wife and mother August 09, 2013 at 07:53 PM
John, Thank you for putting my thoughts into words for me. I as you LUVE here in the village.... I live about as close to the center of town as possible without living in the bell tower of the Congregational church... I SEE, I HEAR, I AM IMPACTED by EVERYTHING. That goes on on Main Street. I lived on brook street down by the ball parks for a bit over a year prior to buying this home @ 20 years ago. And as you hit the nail in the head, the powers that be forgot about those if us that LIVE here. We don't just come for events.... As a matter if fact because of the amout if stress "alive after five" the theater, and even a simple parade causes us, we seldom bother to go, After all when I come back, how many people will have blocked my husband, my son or my car either in my own driveway... Or have blocked one between 2 parallel parked cars... When I first moved here, I recall distinctly being 8 months pregnant coming home fromthe supermarket with groceries & not even being let down my own street until I raised a fuss, showing my Liscence & assuring the village code enforcement officer I had off street parking to park in! Now, on more than 1 occasion my family had all of its vehicles blocked in.... When I called the code enforcement, then the 5th pct.....was told that we should "just wait" to go out until those that blocked us in came back because "it should be soon!" My husband needed to go to work& my son had plans! And I just wanted to get away from the madness!!!-- It is that lack of consideration to those who ARE the village that creates the tension!!!! How would you ,chris, feel if when you were going to go to work you were unable to because I parked half acriss your drivway and you were told to wait because I should be coming back "soon" or if you and your wife had plans to go to a movie and both of your vehicles were held hostage? Picture it happening repeatedly!!! I'm thankful that alive after five was moved to Thursday evenings.... And to be honest I hope for rain every Thursday!!! I feel horribly for those that live near the Patchogue pool, and the bandshell area. Those who are on maiden lane must lose their minds at the beginning of spring! Perhaps "encouraging" non residents to use the public parking lots would be a great beginning... Perhaps rather than detouring traffic at main and maple, the traffic should be detoured at 112., to keep people out of the residential area!! Oak street is a residential street subjected to an insane amount of traffic and dangerous traffic at that! I feel for those people more than anyone else on the north side of Main Street.
3Prestos August 10, 2013 at 10:11 AM
we bought our house here 8 years ago. we have had drunks taking naps on our front lawn, so now I just turn on the sprinklers. we installed an alarm system in our home after the first botched robbery when my dogs chased the guy into our garage, 2 months ago our house alarm is going off, ( we were not home) someone tried to come in threw our bedroom window. both our cars have been burglarized. I am surrounded by renters now. Just 8 years ago people had pride in there homes & now there gone, couldn't sell there house, so they rent them. My house is the split between Village & town, on one side I have 2 very nice older ladies who try to do the up keep on there house & we help them, but the landlord doesn't come & there bathroom floor was caving in, Village finally came & inspected the house & the landlord had no choice but to fix it. On the other side of me, this guy has renters living in the garage, in the house, & the people were throwing there garbage in the pool! town slaps the guy with some fines, says take the garage down, take down the pool by June! that was in December, its all still there. now the renter has big trucks coming in & dumping construction material to fill in the pool......the bigger houses on our block now house numerous families who tend to take siesta's on my front lawn because that is as far as they can make it because they are drunk out of there minds. Call the police & I was told, "there harmless" really, I have a child...seeing this is not harmless... when you hear your daughter say, "Mommy, there is a man laying on the lawn" how is that harmless? ...one of the drunks was walking down the street with an entire pizza, not in a box, just the pizza....& then left the pizza on a neighbors car & took a slice & left. Never mind the idiots who speed down our street or take that turn off 112. We tried selling our house! for a year! & no one wanted to live with what we are surrounded by. we will be trying again soon to sell.... I will say, Main Street looks better than it did 8 years ago, lots of places to eat, not many to shop in. I am sad to see the Irish store moving back to Sayville. We had big hopes & dreams moving here & when we first got here, our block was great but I regret ever buying here & can't wait to finally sell.
T.J. Clemente August 10, 2013 at 11:07 AM
Lori-ann Thanks for reading and commenting. I have only this to say, the last few years have been rough on almost every town. heroin is on he rise as well as the prescription drug problem. When you live in a village you chose a semi urban reality as oppose to the real suburbs. People on the upper east side of manhattan in the wealthiest areas go through what you go through, but I hope you find a peaceful place to live, also drunks eat pizza everywhere late at night.
3Prestos August 10, 2013 at 11:26 AM
T-J, your snide remark about Drunks eat pizza everywhere late at night makes you sound like its ok for someone to leave it on your car next time. Do you live in Patchogue? How would you like your 3 year old telling you there is a man laying on the grass, & you don't know if he is dead or not? Now I understand why people gave up on having pride in the homes, what's the point if you have beer cans, bottles & garbage left on your property day after day? Broken glass, puke? Please tell me more TJ about the wealthiest people in Manhattan having to deal with cleaning that up themselves?
T.J. Clemente August 10, 2013 at 11:38 AM
Lori ann a few months ago the police took away a dead young man from a few lawns up, never was in the paper...however please understand that good and evil exist everywhere, you are a good parent should always do what you believe is best for your family. I have lived in Patchogue and East Patchogue for the last 4 1/2 years, I lived in Montauk for the 4 years before that and in East Hampton the 4 years before that. Hey the pizza comment.....My apologies to you, perhaps poorly worded.
PatP. August 10, 2013 at 07:06 PM
I was born and raised here in Patchogue, back when everything was free and the people were nice, after being gone for 30 plus years and coming back here to be near my kids in my old age I am having second thoughts, they have put a price on everything and now comes parking meters and as far as the village goes it's a dam mess, with bars, over priced eateries and no place to shop and all these apartments. I haven't completely unpacked and I don't think I will !!!!!
Geo Euler August 11, 2013 at 01:03 PM
All above interesting reading. I am a senior and I defy you all to find resturants that provide dining specials for the seniors. J&R does only on Tuesday. Do they run dinner specials when the theater has a function? NO. Sure can get plastered and heave in a doorway though. Now for the housing problem. When was the last time you had about 50% rentals in a village and it was thriving? Not this village. Village gov't should have put a stop to the rentals not owner occupied. The demographics of this village is becoming more in tune with Brentwood. As far as the schools go they do not care to learn. Don't want to learn that is okay but do not take up space and teachers time. Go get a job. Most of the students can not even get into the military today. I could go one but might say something that is not politically correct, God forbid
T.J. Clemente August 11, 2013 at 01:54 PM
Nothing as we age, is what it was like no matter who we are, where we live, what we have or don't have.
Daniel Cole August 11, 2013 at 06:05 PM
My wife and I bought a house in the village north of Main Street about fourteen months ago. We're very happy with our purchase. We were looking for an older home, with beautiful architecture, in a nice neighborhood, within a safe walking distance of a healthy downtown, at a reasonable price, and we definitely found it. I don't mind living in a multi-ethnic community, and I can honestly say that I haven't had a single issue with crime or trespassing or parking issues since I've lived here. Now clearly other residents are having problems, and truth be told, my wife and I probably wouldn't have considered buying a house closer to Main Street or near the river, at least not at this time. As John Bogack often says, the village clearly needs to do a better job of balancing the needs of residents with the needs of businesses. That said, I truly believe that real estate prices are set to go up dramatically in this village over the next decade or two relative to the surrounding area. Walkability and healthy downtowns are big selling points for people my age, and there aren't a lot of affordable places on this island that have those qualities. I know that some of the older residents are put off by the racial and ethnic makeup of the village, but honestly that just isn't as much of an issue for people my age. Our downtown is bringing young people into the village and building familiarity, and some of those people are going to fall in love with the place and buy a home here. The same will be true with the Tritec apartments. Young people will move here, and that's going to lead to a healthier village with a vibrant economy. I remember the Patchogue of twenty and thirty years ago: I grew up near here and my parents shopped here. I watched the downtown collapse. It was heartbreaking. The old Patchogue is not coming back, but something new is taking root, and I for one am looking forward to it.
Archie Bunker August 12, 2013 at 09:13 AM
Sounds to me like there is a HUGE difference of living in the village and outside the village. None of this goes on where I live.
John Bogack August 12, 2013 at 10:06 AM
It's been said a rising tide lifts all boats and Daniel I hope you are right and I think you are. In the last six months my home has recovered quite a lot of the value that it had lost over the past few years. My mortgage is no longer under water for one good thing. And I can only hope that continues. Chris thanks for the figures on proposed rental rates at New Village. They look to be in line with numbers that informally have been thrown about at village board meetings from time to time. Your reported figures look to be in line for LI, a fraction of the costs for someone thinking of living in NYC where the average rental I think for a one bedroom is now 3000 a month. I find that sum incredible. Living on LI has its disadvantages in comparison to the city but housing costs are not one of them. If we can just figure out how to make how to make our neighborhoods are as strong as our downtown and riverfront businesses have become then I can see Patchogue Village not just doing good but booming.
Bill Morris August 12, 2013 at 10:48 AM
John B.- I think you've raised some great points about trying to find a balance. I think as residents, we've become accustomed to having a quiet Main Street, and commercial river front, which of course included empty store fronts, etc. Now that the village has quickly changed, we are trying to readjust ourselves. The mom and pop store has already been crushed by the big box stores. Boutique and specialty stores will also struggle. How often can, or will, repeat customers shop in these store? Perhaps a few times per year. A restaurant row seems to be the most viable option, that can also allow residents to earn a liveable wage. John is right though, that we need to find a balance and to address our concerns street by street. This means that individual blocks have to put pressure on by calling the police if needed and local officials.
T.J. Clemente August 12, 2013 at 10:48 AM
Thanks for the comments , but does everyone see the "SOLD" signs all around?
Bill Morris August 12, 2013 at 11:00 AM
Absolutely. As Daniel also said... younger people are happy to see this bustling community. They are happy to live in a vibrant, multiethnic town and the home sales will continue.
John Bogack August 12, 2013 at 11:18 AM
Bill I hope you are right. Young people, or new people to the village whatever their age hopefully will want to move into the village for all the reasons you mentioned. But once in place as owners or residents they should do one more thing: join in the civic life of the village. There is one and it would benefit a lot from more voices and faces at meetings of the village board for one thing. Most of those making decisions are of my age, a senior. That is another imbalance that needs correcting. The solutions to our problems of which there many are out there. I am convinced that if we can just find a different path that my way or the highway politics everything can be solved with compromise. But to get there people must claim their village in a way up to now that they have not: they count but not unless they show up to say so.
Archie Bunker August 12, 2013 at 11:52 AM
In my development I am seeing houses selling. The thing is that I am seeing them selling for higher prices. The same house that sold 2-4 years ago in my development for 265 is now selling for 300k. It still is taking time for houses to sell though. I should also say that I am seeing a lot of young couples with young kids moving in to the area which is great. There are some people putting that same house I mentioned above on the market for 335k and it's just sitting. So there is a point at which people will spend to move into the area.
Chris August 12, 2013 at 02:03 PM
My wife and I purchased a house just outside of the village in march. Just last week another young couple purchased my neighbors house. We bought here because we saw a village on the rise, there was an earlier comment here mentioning williamsburg, brooklyn, Im sure that person is aware of what that place used to look like before the artists came in and made it what it is today. Thats exactly whats happening in patchogue, new blood is coming in and creating an environment that people are attracted to. Look at the statistics for young people fleeing Long Island to other states, its obvious to me that Patchogue is making a conscious effort to attract young people to stay. Any village/town that is going through improvements is going to have growing pains.
John Bogack August 12, 2013 at 02:15 PM
I agree Chris there will be growing pains but let us not forget for those of who actually live in the village those growing pains are real and they affect quality of life issues that are very important. I continue to feel that while much attention has been paid to main street not enough attention is being paid to the actual residents of the village who live off main street. Great that there is a plan for dealing with parking in the village but River avenue could use at least one more stop sign to control traffic better and that idea and many others like it all over the village get little notice and no action. Rembember that revitalization is meant to be a goal that enriches all of the residents not just some and if that balance is not better balanced soon the residents will find themselves subordinated in their homes and neighborhoods to main street converted into a wonderful business district surrounded by neighorhoods poorly served by village services otherwise. We will become outsiders in our home village as the priority continues to be placed on making the village an attractive destination for others to visit while forgetting the rest of us whose neighborhoods are left to shoulder the burden of those growing pains without the resources to prevent bad effects that could have otherwise been avoided, prevented, or turned around. Yes let us keep growing but the road ahead has got to be wide enough to include us all.
Chris August 12, 2013 at 02:30 PM
I agree, my main message for this post was to shine some light on what seemed like an abundance of darkness set on the town that I now call home. I agree, residents should be priority, I just hope that the majority of people who find a voice on the internet to complain, do so to those who are actually going to listen. Obviously, John you seem very involved, I just hope others are making an effort to guide the village in the direction they want it to head, as opposed to just posting their negative thoughts on a blog. Cheers!
Archie Bunker August 13, 2013 at 09:21 AM
There's a lot more to Patchogue than just the village. By far the village shouldn't be the main factor in buying a house here. Not sure why the comments always have to be focused on just the village.


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