Why Homes are Selling in Patchogue

I use to write a column out east called "Estate of Mind" on real estate, Lol, mostly during the darkest days of the real estate free fall. Every week I was assigned to take some raw data and find some positive news. I would interview the leaders of the real estate industry in the Hamptons who would say over and over this is the time to buy. It was tough to write, but I did get paid to do my job. Now that I live in East Patchogue I ride my yellow road bike around and I am smiling because I see an old sign reappearing on every block. It reads, "SOLD." Yes homes are selling, so one must ask why? Here are my ideas.
1- They are priced to be sold, meaning not too many are putting down Hamptons prices for Patchogue homes anymore.
2- The area seems to be attracting a new younger community of buyers who can afford to live here all year round, unlike out east where that's just not the case.
3- There is a new diversified ethnic dynamic at work, meaning a new hard working, money earning class is evolving who work and now live in the surrounding area.
4- Lastly... the beauty of the area, with it's parks, access to the Great South Bay and Fire island's beaches as well as, quaint streets and a vibrant downdown, which is a result of 1-3 above. Now I am not in real estate nor is my wife, children or as far as I know neighbors so this is what I truly believe. Comment if you agree or disagree!

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Archie Bunker August 12, 2013 at 11:52 AM
In my development I am seeing houses selling. The thing is that I am seeing them selling for higher prices. The same house that sold 2-4 years ago in my development for 265 is now selling for 300k. It still is taking time for houses to sell though. I should also say that I am seeing a lot of young couples with young kids moving in to the area which is great. There are some people putting that same house I mentioned above on the market for 335k and it's just sitting. So there is a point at which people will spend to move into the area.
Chris August 12, 2013 at 02:03 PM
My wife and I purchased a house just outside of the village in march. Just last week another young couple purchased my neighbors house. We bought here because we saw a village on the rise, there was an earlier comment here mentioning williamsburg, brooklyn, Im sure that person is aware of what that place used to look like before the artists came in and made it what it is today. Thats exactly whats happening in patchogue, new blood is coming in and creating an environment that people are attracted to. Look at the statistics for young people fleeing Long Island to other states, its obvious to me that Patchogue is making a conscious effort to attract young people to stay. Any village/town that is going through improvements is going to have growing pains.
John Bogack August 12, 2013 at 02:15 PM
I agree Chris there will be growing pains but let us not forget for those of who actually live in the village those growing pains are real and they affect quality of life issues that are very important. I continue to feel that while much attention has been paid to main street not enough attention is being paid to the actual residents of the village who live off main street. Great that there is a plan for dealing with parking in the village but River avenue could use at least one more stop sign to control traffic better and that idea and many others like it all over the village get little notice and no action. Rembember that revitalization is meant to be a goal that enriches all of the residents not just some and if that balance is not better balanced soon the residents will find themselves subordinated in their homes and neighborhoods to main street converted into a wonderful business district surrounded by neighorhoods poorly served by village services otherwise. We will become outsiders in our home village as the priority continues to be placed on making the village an attractive destination for others to visit while forgetting the rest of us whose neighborhoods are left to shoulder the burden of those growing pains without the resources to prevent bad effects that could have otherwise been avoided, prevented, or turned around. Yes let us keep growing but the road ahead has got to be wide enough to include us all.
Chris August 12, 2013 at 02:30 PM
I agree, my main message for this post was to shine some light on what seemed like an abundance of darkness set on the town that I now call home. I agree, residents should be priority, I just hope that the majority of people who find a voice on the internet to complain, do so to those who are actually going to listen. Obviously, John you seem very involved, I just hope others are making an effort to guide the village in the direction they want it to head, as opposed to just posting their negative thoughts on a blog. Cheers!
Archie Bunker August 13, 2013 at 09:21 AM
There's a lot more to Patchogue than just the village. By far the village shouldn't be the main factor in buying a house here. Not sure why the comments always have to be focused on just the village.


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