Sandy Martocchia
Sandy Martocchia is an award-winning journalist and a certified special education and social studies teacher.
Sandy began her local writing career in the mid-1990s at Suffolk Life Newspapers followed by a stint at the Traveler Watchman. A move to the Chicago area led to editing positions in both the boating and electronics trade industries. By 2000, Sandy was named communication director at a Chicago area nonprofit electronics association. After her subsequent move back to New York and the birth of her first daughter,  Sandy began the long process of obtaining three separate teaching certifications and a masters degree in Teaching Students with Disabilities. Though she has taught and subbed in several area school districts, unfavorable economic conditions on Long Island have made it difficult for her to find a full-time teaching position. Sandy has recently rekindled her freelance writing career and looks forward to rediscovering the hidden gems of the North Fork. Sandy currently lives in the Greenport with her husband, two young daughters, dogs, cat, ferret, fish, and chickens.
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