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Want a head's up on the upcoming Medford, NY edition of Patch? Here's how to get connected right now.

Thanks to your feedback, a Medford, NY edition of Patch is coming very soon to http://medford-ny.patch.com.

Just like how Patchogue Patch has been a resource for the residents of the Patchogue Village community and the Patchogue-Medford School District, Medford, NY Patch will serve as a similarly dedicated resource for Medford residents to post their news, events and discuss issues.

While waiting for Medford, NY Patch to launch, hit Like on the Medford, NY Facebook Page (facebook.com/medfordnypatch) and Follow @MedfordNYPatch on Twitter (twitter.com/medfordnypatch).

Launch details for the full website are coming very soon.


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