Brookhaven Learning Center WRECKLESS busses

Everyday I cannot help but see that Brookhaven Learning Buses are worse and worse. They run the stop sign in Martha Avenue & Taylor when going North towards Sills Road. They also jump right infront of oncoming traffic. Clearly with children in the buses. It's not one or the other or even some, it's all of them. Buses from ACME Bus Company, East End Bus Company, We Transport, and many other bus companies. Bellport Learning Center says they cannot control the buses. Security Guard says Boces tells him so he can't do anything. Boces can't do anything according to the principle Mrs. Smallin. My so goes to this school so I see it all the time. Thank God he's not on these buses where it seems bus drivers, companies can't do anything, Eastern Suffolk Boces can't do anything, Brookhaven Learning Center & can't do anything(Or won't). I called the school bus companies, spoke to the Brookhaven Learning Center (once again) I don't see that they are concerned enough well I'm just going to do a video. And put it here (will work in it today). .. Someone has to speak up for the kids.
Patchogue Snoop January 22, 2014 at 10:07 AM
I see Maryhaven buses speeding and blowing stop signs too.


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