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PM Board Of Ed Denies Benefits for Veteran’s

PM Board Of Ed Denies Benefits for Veteran’s

In December of 2013 Governor Cuomo enacted legislation that would extend Veteran’s tax benefits to be included in the school tax portion of our property taxes. This benefit is already provided under the current Veteran’s Exemption Benefit program to our town taxes. Unfortunately the PMBOE decided without public notice or a public  hearing to reject enacting this benefit to help our current returning Veteran’s and those who served in the past as specified and as spelled out in the legislation criteria.

These benefits would have had a zero impact on the recent school budget but would have shifted the tax exemptions to those residents who were not veterans. This is why the legislation recommended public hearings and a vote of up or down. It should be noted that the vast majority in NYS school districts adopted in favor of the Veteran’s benefits.

Shame on PMBOE


John E. Terlecki

Patchogue, NY.

John A. Praino June 18, 2014 at 02:45 PM
It's an outright shame that the PMBOE would pass up an opportunity to help our veterans any way they can.Remember we put our lives on the line so you all can sit in your IVORY TOWERS and disgrace US.When you all are doing backstrokes in your pools or getting into your fancy cars it was us in foxholes and every other hole imaginable that gives you those rights.I will team up with John to do everything in My power to get those rights for all our Veterans.Didn't you LIBERAL NUT JOBS do enough to our Country.


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