Reader Feedback: Patchogue Quiznos Closes

Patchogue Quiznos recently closed down, Patch readers discuss.

The Patchogue location of located within the Briarcliffe College building recently shut down after losing its lease.

Upon visiting the store Thursday, the restaurant has a sign from Gary and his Quiznos team explaining the closing and thanking customers for the seven years that they were in business.

While Patch does not have the official closing date, several readers wrote that the closing was in the last few weeks.

After putting a photo of the sign on the Patchogue Patch Facebook, several readers starting discussing the closing. Here are some of their comments:

    • Thomas 'Bobby' Krieger Oh dear god, say it ain't so :(
    • Travis Malekpour They closed I believe a week to three ago - their lease wasn't renewed apparently.
    • Travis Malekpour As the sign also says as the reason, now that I read it. But yeah, it closed earlier this month.
    • Jacqueline Healy Sad, the Quiznos that was on Rte 112 by the expressway service road at exit 64 closed too...a while ago I think, along with the Rita's Ices.
    • Helen Totaro Briarcliffe is adding a new dental wing guess we know where it's going now.
    • Elizabeth Annamaria Von Plotzinator Very sad, I used to go there quite often for lunch and the owner was such a nice guy. Always very welcoming and accomodating.
    • Connor Ohlhorst Rt. 112 one is still open.
    • Helen Totaro Quiznos on exit 64 is still open.
    • Sally Wheeler-molina Rita closed too can't believe it
    • Chris Chamberlin Quiznos on 112 in medford is still open. I get dinner there every Wednesday
    • Tracy Dobrie SAD!!!
    • Michelle Barracca Homan Rita's closed, but there is apparently a new self-serve frozen yogurt place opening soon in that location. Yo-Go Mania I think the sign says.
    • Kelly Ann Newman Quizno's has been closed for over a month
    • Lynn Bento I heard they are putting a Trader Joe's over near Briarcliffe, but who knows
    • Barry Burrell Hope you open up some were in town
    • Laura Ann They closed the one by me too.
    • Kathleen Viger Rubinstein Thank God. That place was disgusting! The last time I ate there I got so sick. The people that worked there were also nasty. I haven't been there in a few years since I got sick and would never even try another location.
    • Gina Marie Caputo WoW, as of last week they were still open.
    • Lori Belmonte their last day was June 30th
A July 27, 2012 at 01:42 PM
I really really doubt the rumor about Trader Joe's. Every time something moves or closes, someone always claims it's Trader Joe's moving in - and they're always wrong. But if the gym does end up moving, it is just the perfect amount of space to fit that in.
Joe Truesoldier August 02, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Scotty August 02, 2012 at 10:24 PM
@Jacqueline Healy: PLEASE do your homework before posting something which could so adversely affect a business! We shop at the Quiznos on Rte 112 in Medford regularly, so obviously it isn't 'closed'. Posting something like this could make people stop making the drive there and immediately effect a down-turn in their income. This is irresponsible! Grrrr


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