Fire, Ambulance Commissioner Election Results

Final results are in for the districts of Patchogue, North Patchogue, Medford and Gordon Heights.

The results are in: Fire Commissioner Maryanne Owens won in a close race against Chelsey Ruffin in Gordon Heights and Incumbent Fire Commissioner Joseph DeStefano won against William Smith in Medford.

In addition, Commissioner Thomas M. Wassmer ran unopposed in North Patchogue while Chief Mike LoDolce and Commissioner Mike Greco won in Patchogue.

Residents throughout Patchogue, Medford and Gordon Heights, gathered at their local fire departments to vote for their respective Fire and Ambulance Commissioners on Tuesday.

Special elections were also held in Patchogue to vote on a proposition, which passed.

Due to on on Nov. 2 involving the in the race, the departments did not use the . Instead, the districts chose to use paper ballots and/or the manual, lever-style voting machines.

According to poll workers, voter turnout was lower than expected. However, the majority of the elections were uncontested. The final results are posted below.


LoDolce, current chief of the Patchogue Fire Department, will be filling the unexpired term of Commissioner Jeff Johnson. The position will be held for a three-year term beginning in January. Incumbent Fire Commissioner Greco ran unopposed for a five-year term.

District residents also voted to pass the proposition involving funds remaining at the end of the year. The prop stipulates that those funds be placed into a special reserve account earmarked specifically for protective equipment for the volunteer firefighters. This'll be separate from the general funds carried into the following calendar year, and will not increase taxes, according to Chief LoDolce.

North Patchogue

Commissioner Wassmer ran unopposed. He'll fulfill a five-year term.


Incumbent Fire Commissioner DeStefano gathered 249 of those votes, resulting in a win against Smith for a five-year term. A paper ballot system was used by385 voters at the Medford Fire Department to tally the votes for the Fire Commissioner election.

Ambulance Commissioner Maria Polak ran unopposed. She'll fulfill another three-year term.

Gordon Heights

In a close race, Commissioner Owens won with 182 votes. She'll continue her position for another five years. Opponent Chelsey Ruffin received 125 votes. The district also chose to use paper ballots.


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