Cops: Medford Couple Arrested for Month-Long Armed Robbery Spree

Christopher Marino, 29 and Jamie L. Greco, 23, of Medford arraigned in Central Islip courts on Thursday.

Christopher Marino, 29, of Medford, who has been arrested and charged with 15 felony counts of first-degree robbery (Courtesy of Suffolk County Police).
Christopher Marino, 29, of Medford, who has been arrested and charged with 15 felony counts of first-degree robbery (Courtesy of Suffolk County Police).
Two Medford residents were arraigned Thursday in Central Islip courts for allegedly having carried out a month-long armed burglary spree across from Shirley to Nesconset. 

Christopher Marino, 29, and Jamie L. Greco, 23, both pled not guilty to 13 felony counts of first-degree robbery in First District Court on Thursday, according to Suffolk District Attorney spokesman Robert Clifford. 

Suffolk police said Marino committed the 15 robberies using a handgun starting Dec. 9, which included 6 at Subway restaurants, for cash. Greco, his girlfriend waited inside a vehicle to drive Marino away from the stores. 

Greco told police investigators that, "we robbed the places because we needed heroin" in the court records, according to Newsday. 

A full list of businesses the Medford couple is suspected of robbing include: 
  • KFC, 800 Montauk Highway, Shirley, on Jan. 7
  • Mobil on the Run, 3239 Sunrise Highway, Islip Terrace, on Jan. 7
  • Subway, 600-7 Portion Road, Lake Ronkonkoma, on Jan. 5
  • Subway, 173 Smithtown Blvd., Nesconset, on Jan. 3
  •  7-Eleven, 2810 Route 112, Medford, on Jan. 3
  • Royal Market, 451 Glen Drive, Shirley, on Jan. 2  
  • Carvel, 536 Main St., Center Moriches, on Jan.  1
  • Hess, 1801 North Ocean Ave., Medford, on Dec. 31
  • Subway, 600 Portion Road, Ronkonkoma, on Dec. 29
  • Subway, 402 Route 112, North Patchogue, on Dec. 28
  • Hess Express,  440 Portion Road, Ronkonkoma, on Dec. 26
  • Sunoco, 3423 Route 112, Coram, on Dec. 25
  • Hess, 3203 Route 112, Medford, on Dec. 15
  • Subway,  2920 Route 112, Medford, on Dec.  11
  • Subway,  2920 Route 112, Medford, on Dec. 9
Both Marino and Greco had bail set at $1.5 million cash, or $3 million bond as of Thursday morning, according to Clifford. 

Story originally published Jan. 16 at 6:42 p.m. Updated Jan. 17 at 11:40 a.m. Police have said they previously incorrectly issued 15 as the number of charges for robbery in the first degree, they have corrected their number to 13.
C O January 16, 2014 at 07:37 PM
Trash. Enjoy prison.
Cindi Sansone-Braff January 17, 2014 at 11:03 AM
How can there be so much heroin in our suburbs? Heroin is a new Black Plague that is destroying so many of our young people's lives and destroying the quality of all of our lives. We are a drug-infested culture, and this is the number one issue that all of us need to address in the year 2014.
Archie Bunker January 17, 2014 at 12:46 PM
Some people make bad decisions. And continue to make them as there is help out there. I had a family member pass away due to this. We as a family did everything we could. The bottom line is you can not make one do something they do not want to do. And until they want help and want to stop. So I very strongly disagree its a cultural, or societal. It is not everyone else's fault.
Tommy Noble February 12, 2014 at 04:47 PM
Amazing they didn't rob a single drug store for some acne medication.


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