UPDATE: Coast Guard Nixes Battle on the Bay, Races Cancelled

Permit denied; organizers cite hurricane for cancellation of races.

UPDATE 8/26 12:30 a.m.: A message on the Great South Bay Racing Facebook page says the races have been called off because of the approaching hurricane. The boats, however, will still be on display in Sayville on Friday afternoon and in Patchogue on Saturday.

The Coast Guard has denied an event permit for this weekend's planned Battle on the Bay boat races. 

In a press release, Amy Beach, Coast Guard Commander of Sector Long Island Sound, said that safety concerns relating to the planning, organization and execution of the event have led to the denial of the event permit.

The Coast Guard said that a letter was issued to Great South Bay Racing, Inc. stating that despite denying the permit, the organization is open to working with event sponsors and organizers if they would like to reschedule.

According to Newsday, race organizers submitted a revised plan earlier this week that was also denied for having the same issues as the original plan.

Safety has been a major issue for the Battle on the Bay races since a 2008 accident in which a racing boat flipped over, killing its two operators at that year's Battle On The Bay.

A call to Great South Bay Racing, Inc. on Thursday was not returned as of press time.

However, the website for Battle on the Bay still lists the event as happening. Should it proceed, boats will be on display on Main Street in Sayville at 4 p.m. on Friday, and a Race Village will be set up in the Raymour and Flannagan parking lot on the intersection of Route 112 and Sunrise Highway in Patchogue on Saturday.

The denial comes after several roadblocks to this year’s event which included being moved out of Patchogue Village due to scheduling conflicts with local fire departments, and in the North Patchogue and Sayville areas.

See the full press release from the Coast Guard here.

Through the Looking Glass August 26, 2011 at 12:33 PM
"The racing has been called off due to the impending hurricane". What a way to save face. A poorly organized event by a poorly organized group. Hopefully if this happens again, it WILL be in Sayville and not Patchogue. This thing only serves to line the pockets of the village cronies with waterfront restaurants and bars. it does nothing for the community at large but create parking problems and unwanted noise. Let Sayville gain the glory.
hydrostream July 28, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Why is everyone bashing this type of stuff? Your not allowed to do anything on long island ,except pay taxes.the law makers suck and so do their policys. Open up some places and have events that are fun giving people things to do, instead of giving every reason to shut stuff like this down.Maybe with things like this and other events,you give kids something to do instead of getting in trouble because there is nothing to do hear on li. It's a shame where this island is heading ,soon you probly won't be able to walk down the streets !


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