DEC: No Flooding Concerns With New Village Water Removal Project

Water being moved would eventually reach Patchogue Lake naturally and eventually flow into Patchogue River, DEC says.

The pumping of some two million gallons of water from the New Village construction site into local storm drains will not cause flooding in the area around Patchogue Lake, a spokesperson with the Suffolk County Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) told Patch.

Bill Fonda, a DEC spokesperson, said that two million gallons of water fills about four Olympic-sized swimming pools, which in the scope of a body of water the size of Patchogue Lake amounts to a small amount of additional volume. He said water pumped from the construction site would reach the lake through natural means at a rate of about one foot per day.

Excess water would go into the Patchogue River, and will not stay in the lake for an extended period of time, Fonda said, adding that sampling of the water has also been completed.

Some residents had expressed concern over the removal of water from the New Village site, which when completed will bring 291 apartments, 46,000 square feet of retail space and 18,000 square feet of office space at the Four Corners intersection in Patchogue Village, at which the former Swezey's Department store was recently demolished.

"Hopefully the lake will not be negatively impacted regardless of the application's outcome," said Elisabeth McGuire in a comment on Patchogue Patch. "Residents do still have concerns about flooding based on past experiences, but I suppose they will be addressing them in their letters to the DEC."

The DEC are accepting public comment in writing to a contact person listed on the application description on the DEC's website through Friday.

jimmy murphy September 29, 2012 at 10:14 AM
Dean is one of Pontieri’s “goons”.
annette kattau September 29, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Lets concentrate on the DEC they have not been enforcing the clean water act, it is 40 years old. The Peconic Bay Keeper is pushing them to comply and if they do not answer there will be a law suit it was in last weeks long island advance. So do we really trust their judgement here. None of todays new buildings or homes and sewerage treatment plants are in true compliance with the clean water act, the towns inspectors are just as at fault regarding the complaincy. Why then do we trust this DEC decision. I am horrified at what is being allowed and everything is going right into our ground water, rivers, bays, lakes etc. I am concerned that anymore apartments or town houses be allowed in Patchogue particularly the Big Fish proposal, how much sewerage can we withstand and especially if they are not using the latest tech. available and the inspectors pass it as they did all previous buildings. Do we not have enough enviromental hazards going on here. There are many along the patchogue River that have not even been addressed, they are just not there!!!
John Bogack September 29, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Well I do think it is a good idea to get a citizens group together to monitor the multiple issues that involve the village. Annette's comments are right on point and just reinforce the need for this. One of the disturbing aspects of all this however remains inconsistent information about just how this process is going to occur. Water into the Lake or not? Ground water filtered by the ground naturally or by using some kind of filteration system? The Mayor is the source of some information, the DEC other information, Joe Dean has another take, they all over lap and sometimes do not intersect so to speak. And Tritec had fallen into voicelessness too. No wonder people are confused. The Mayor in my opinion took this matter too lightly when asked about this just this Monday night. The concerns expressed are not trivial. It just reinforces in my mind why outside of the village government there is a need for an advocacy group. We need independent views, facts that can be depended upon, leaders who do not have perceived conflicts of interest. When I contacted the DEC their representative did say that maybe no dewatering might occur because it is very expensive to do. That is something Tritec could comment upon right now actually. But if they do have to go ahead with it I am going to expect that vilage noise codes relating to commercial sound will be forcefully imposed. I support the New Village project but neighborhood concerns count and need to be protected.
Patchogue Snoop October 14, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Gas Can Paulie cares about one thing..........himself. Can anyone tell me if this was addressed in the original Environmental Impact Study? If not, the project should be halted asap and this issued studied by experts not some DEC hack. I deal with them all the time...they side with the developers all the time and stick to a citizen building a single family home. Can't walk on a weed that grows near the water but they don't consider the cumulative impact of approving construction of thousands of homes on the water that impact one body of water as a whole negatively. Gee, I wonder if we will be sucking up all those chemicals dumped over the years at the Lace Mill and introducing them to the river? Were there any sampling wells drilled on the site to determine if a plume is there or will be developed from the mill and the brown field site on West Main?????? One other thing, anyone see if they did asbestos abatement in the building????? I didn't see any containment units outside. What about lead paint??? I'll bet not. Paulie's town...with a wink and a nod....it is Christmas time for his pals/relatives who made millions from his admins sweetheart zoning/building/planning decisions. Rose, Felice, Fuscillo....hmmm see a pattern here. DA Spota has failed Patchogians in that he will never ever investigate PP and put him and his gang in jail where they belong.
Patchogue Snoop October 14, 2012 at 01:04 PM
Or should I use a term PP is familiar with.....he is in their pocket...set up like a bowling pin..


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