E. Patchogue Walmart Decision Coming Early 2012

Public comment on the store is being accepted by Town through Jan. 19.

A decision on a proposed East Patchogue Walmart is finally set for early 2012.

At Monday’s Town of Brookhaven Planning meeting at , it was announced that the next board meeting and public comment session on the will take place on Jan. 9.

Written comments will be accepted until Jan. 19.

Jack Krieger, a Town of Brookhaven spokesman, said that following the close of the public hearing, the Town has 45 days to prepare the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). The FEIS must them be accepted by a majority vote.

During the meeting itself, a new Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS) on the proposed Hospital Road-located store was received by the Town of Brookhaven Planning Board for review. Krieger said the study should be posted on the Town of Brookhaven’s website around Dec. 2.

Philip Serghini, a Walmart spokesman, said that the store will bring jobs to the area should it go through.

“This proposal has been pending since 2008 so we hope we’re finally close to bringing needed jobs to the area, as well as the unbeatable prices Walmart offers to working families,” Serghini said.

However the store is facing much from local businesses and residents.

“I will probably lose 50 percent of my business. It’s not good,” Raj Bajaj, owner of Patchogue’s , .

During his campaign to be re-elected Town Supervisor, Mark Lesko said that the proposed Hospital Road location is inappropriate for Walmart due to the street’s small bridge.

“To rebuild the Hospital Road bridge, you’re basically talking about a $20 million project, and that’s not going to happen,” Lesko said at a . “I think there are more appropriate places if Walmart wants to come to that area- the Bellport Outlets, or maybe the old Brookhaven Cinema site.”

Walmart officials released a statement in June stating that it significantly reduced the size of the proposed store to under 100,000 square feet in order to reduce the traffic impact. Walmart had originally planned to build a 108,000 square-foot store, but it was forced to reassess to the smaller size after Brookhaven Town . Walmart also stated that it was working with the Town on widening the bridge and that the property owner had contributed $357,730 toward that effort.

greatsouthbay January 09, 2012 at 03:50 AM
I shop in the village frequently and do not see where Wal-mart would impact the sales at stores like Blums, The Colony Shop, Irish Crossings etc. These are all speciality shops with merchandise that a Walmart cannot provide. We already have Costco, Target and Sam's Club in the vicinity. I am not in favor of the location but do not see how it will negatively impact Patchogue's downtown.
Carol Reitz-Butler January 09, 2012 at 01:25 PM
There are a lot of comments here regarding the feasibility of WalMart repurposing Bellport Outets' unsued space. This will never happen as WalMart prefers to break new ground b/c there is an archaic NYS tax provision that benefits companies that do so. Tax breaks will always trump environmental comcerns for this company. I own a specialty shop on Patchogue Village's Main Street, and it's true that WalMart would not affect my sales directly. The harm comes from the fact that the Village, in spite of its many great strides in the past few years, still needs more shops in its mix to be a truly viable shopping and social center. The presence of a nearby WalMart will dissuade new businesses from opening in town and jeopardize the struggling few there now.
Jo January 11, 2012 at 03:46 AM
YIPPPPEEE Carol you hit the nail on the head! All this talk about tax revenue for the area, what a crock! The fact is $$$$ buys manipulation of our zoning and traffic laws. Simply if this passes it is a clear and loud signal that WE THE PEOPLE OF THE COMMUNITY don't mean s-- t to our Elected officials and Planning Board! As for last night, it was sad to see people bussed in from La Bonne Vi to support the project. They were promised a night out and got a roast beef sandwich, blue bag, poster and to sit at a town hall meeting for hours. Sad that Walmart treats their valued supporters/customers like circus animals. Also just to note, last night The Planning Board stated Walmart would need to remove the sidewalks on the Hospital Rd bridge for a turning lane. They mentioned that as an example it was done in Bellport Outlets. Look how well the outlets did they are thriving right!!!!!! So there is some brain power at work! SCARY!
Jo January 11, 2012 at 04:01 AM
GET A LAWN SIGN OR WINDOW SIGN "NO WALMART" just email epwalmartfree@aol.com
BillLongisland January 21, 2012 at 05:46 AM
It's called "the Free Market Economy"...if you don't like it, go to Venezuela, because you would be much happier there.


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