Voters Cast Their Ballots at Patchogue FD, Van Guard Firehouse

An update on the number of votes cast as of the mid-afternoon and the issues that residents are talking about.

Voters were out across Patchogue to cast their ballots in the Mayor/Trustee election Tuesday afternoon.

As of 3:15 p.m., 216 people had voted at the on Jennings Avenue. People shuffled in and out individually but the foot traffic was comparably less to that at the on Park Street, where 340 people had cast their ballots as of 3:45 p.m.

Outside the polling station on Jennings, Elizabeth Bedell entered with clear intentions. She said she was voting for , who she said had “a plan and a vision for the future of Patchogue.”

The 16-year resident also said that her decision to vote for Mayor Pontieri became much more clear after the at on Thursday night.

“The debate showed who had a vision for Patchogue… and who didn’t,” Bedell said.

Another 23-year resident who declined to give her name, cast her vote at the Patchogue Firehouse and said the most important factor to her is the 291-apartments that were to be a part of the .

“I’m just concerned that they might turn into something that we don’t want so I’d like them to look at it,” she said.

While she cast her vote for , she was not entirely confident that her choice would win.

“I’m sure Paul is going to win but I’d like him to not take this as a mandate if he does win that we want the apartments,” she said.

At the Van Guard Firehouse polling station cars lined the residential street as people streamed in to vote at a steady pace and the issue of residential housing on Main Street at the Four Corners was still the biggest issue to voters.

When asked how he voted, 18-year resident Brian Sloan said that he voted across the line. 

“It’s all these condos they’re putting up that’s making everybody angry, we don’t need them,“ he said. “Plus I don’t think this Village has been run right for years. It’s time for a change.”

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Patchogue Snoop April 22, 2012 at 02:02 PM
PONTIERI won against a much lesser candidate that many of use who voted for her felt she couldn't do the job due to her schedule, may or may not be true. I wouldn't brag about his wiining margin of votes. BTW The 16-year resident also said that her decision to vote for Mayor Pontieri became much more clear after the debate at St. Joseph’s College on Thursday night. Maybe this is how he won?


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